Chitungwiza fires town clerk Makunde Dr Makunde

Blessings Chidakwa
Municipal Reporter
Chitungwiza Municipality has fired town clerk Dr George Makunde, who has been suspended since 2019, on allegations of gross incompetence but who has now finally appeared before an independent tribunal which recommended his dismissal, which council accepted but which still needs the final agreement of the Local Government Board.

His dismissal letter, seen by The Herald, was signed yesterday by Chitungwiza Mayor Lovemore Maiko.

“Following the disciplinary proceedings which resulted in your dismissal by the disciplinary authority, council at its 468th ordinary meeting adopted that decision. This therefore serves as the notice of your dismissal. The dismissal has since been referred to the Local Government Board (LGB) for consideration and information,” reads the letter.

Mayor Maiko confirmed having written the dismissal letter. “Dr Makunde appeared before a tribunal which recommended his firing and the council simply adopted that,” he said.

“We write to inform the LGB that at its 468th ordinary full council meeting held on June 23, 2021, council considered and adopted the decision by the disciplinary authority to dismiss the town clerk Dr Makunde from the employ of Chitungwiza Municipality. On the basis of the above, we refer the decision to the board,” Mayor Maiko said.

Dr Makunde was suspended on September 2, 2019 by Mayor Maiko on the grounds of non-attendance at work, gross insubordination and disobeying instructions.

The suspension letter also indicated that Dr Makunde had refused to avail his personal profile to the board of councillors as well as contracts of employment and conditions of service for all senior managers.

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