Chitown heeds call to slash expenditure

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Chitown heeds call to slash expenditure Provincial Development Coordinator, Mr Tafadzwa Muguti

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Chitungwiza Municipality has taken heed of Government directive ordering it to suspend holding trainings and workshops outside its jurisdiction while saving the money for salary backlog, amid threats of a demonstration by employees. 

The local authority has since hosted a strategic planning review workshop at St Mary’s hall. 

“The beginning of a new era in the administration of council. This year due to financial constraints and concerns raised by residents we have decided to host our strategic planning review workshop at St Mary’s hall. 

“In the state it is, management is set to attend to it,” posted on its social media. 

This week residents associations had also hailed the Government for putting to hold unnecessary council generated meetings, a move it said derived amid revelations that the local authority was cash-hamstrung. Chitungwiza Progressive Residents Association secretary general, Mr Gift Kurupati hailed the move. 

“The idea is good, we must promote local hospitality. It will also help save money for service delivery,” he said. 

Chitungwiza and Manyame Rural Residents Association acting director Mr Brighton Kanyama said this was a welcome decision. 

“We need service delivery first in our area. Workshops should be held in places like Nyamutamba hotel, Margolis. 

“It is bad for them to visit places like Kariba all the times as if we do not have nice places, council halls should also be properly maintained. They should use cheap facilities so that we save ratepayers money,” he said.

In a letter dated November 19, 2021 addressed to the acting Chitungwiza town clerk, Harare Provincial Development Coordinator Mr Tafadzwa Muguti issued the directive. 

Mr Muguti said his considered view was after noting the precarious financial position of Chitungwiza Municipality. 

“The local authority is directed to hold all its trainings and workshops locally as outside excursions have drained the finances of the local authority. 

“The strategic planning workshop will now be held at a local venue and all officials and councillors will attend the workshop coming from home for the four days duration. 

“This decision is in line with a thrust to save the council from litigation and also give an opportunity to raise funds to pay workers who are threatening to demonstrate against non-payment for months.”  

Mr Muguti said the Urban Councils Association of Zimbabwe (UCAZ) annual general meeting was the one exempt from the directive. 

“May you also please note that unnecessary council generated meetings are also adjourned until next year.” 

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