Chirasha: Poet par excellence

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The Herald

Mbuli — “The People’s Poet” or better still Jamaican bard, Mutabaruka, Mbizo is committed to uplifting poetry in Zimbabwe.
Talking to him reminds many of the verbal dexterity of the late Dambudzo Marechera while spending a day with him is like a creative writing workshop, which has prompted his neighbours in Budiriro 4, Harare, to nickname him “Professor”.
Despite hailing from the ghetto, Mbizo has made inroads on the international literary platform with a resume that would turn many established writers, poets and professors green with envy.
Those who have been to venues like the Book Cafe and Mannenberg as well as events like the Harare International Festival of the Arts, know that his poetry has no sacred cows often taking a dig at social, economic and political rot in all corridors.
His talent has seen him working with the Budding Writers’ Association of Zimbabwe where at one time he spent most of his working time with renowned novelist Charles Mungoshi.
Chirasha is a writer-in-residence, live literature producer, poetry festivals manager, and is an acclaimed international performances poet and has published more than 60 journals around the world, websites, anthologies and literary reviews.
He also works as a media relations strategist or consultant.
He also took part in the Writers’ Caravan Project from 2003 to 2005, This is Africa Poetry Night (2006-2007), African Drums Poetry Festival (2007) as well as the Girl Child Creativity Project (2011).
Mbizo calls himself a cultural, social and political poet and advocate. “My audience is any reader who reads my poetry . . .  I feel it’s the right time for people to learn to appreciate the truth.
“In my works on African culture, I am not against races or tribes, but systems that betray Africa. People must stop being stooges and writers must write against second and third colonialistic winds,” he said.
Born in Zvishavane in 1978, Mbizo’s love for literature was inspired by his social surroundings.

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