Chipaz to continue assisting artistes

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Chipaz to continue assisting artistes Partson Chimbodza

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Former music promoter Partson “Chipaz” Chimbodza said he would continue assisting artistes in various ways despite taking a break from music promotions business.

Speaking at the opening of his new P&M Motors workshop in Southerton recently, Chimbodza said he has close ties with numerous artistes and would continue working with them away from live shows.

“Sometime last year, I announced that I was quitting music promotion but many took it as a hoax. Let me say I was not coerced into making that decision, but I had created more enemies than friends because of the nature of competition in that sector,” he said.

“However, most musicians still look up to me for advice. Some emerging promoters also consult me and I am always willing to assist.

“I have worked with big musicians and upcoming artistes and some of them feel I contributed a lot to their careers.

“I have been assisting such artistes in many other ways since I quit music promotions. I will continue doing so, although my focus is now on motor mechanics which is my first love. This new and bigger workshop we are opening here is a sign of growth in our automobile business.”

Promoters and artistes attended the official opening to show their support to Chimbodza whose Chipaz Promotions company was a household name in the music sector for many years.

Speaking at the event, dendera musician Suluman Chimbetu said he owed a lot to Chimbodza and they will continue working together in other projects.

“I got my first car from Chipaz. He had called me asking about a show we were planning and I told him I was running behind time because of transport problems.

“He invited me to his workshop and caught me by surprise when he gave me a BMW to use in my music exploits. I had many cars thereafter and most of them were serviced at P&M Motors. It means that our relationship goes beyond music and we will keep on working together,” said Chimbetu.

Motorists that attended the event gave good accounts of the service they have been getting from P&M Motors over the past years.

Chimbodza said he hopes directing most of his energy towards motor mechanics would lead to increased business growth.

“It has always been my wish to open such a one-stop shop for motorists where most services are available. Our old workshop will remain open for other services.”

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