Chinhoyi learners  release music video

Valerie Mpundu

Youth Interactive Writer

Two Chinhoyi High School learners, Leone Yakobe (17) and Clayton Hlupeko (18) have released visuals to their song ‘She’s from Windsor’, which they said was inspired by love. 

The hip-hop singers say the song is about a young beautiful girl Ruva from the leafy suburbs of Windsor, Ruwa whom the musicians fell in love with despite their backgrounds. 

In an interview, the duo described their journey in music as one filled with a lot of experiences and emotions as they are still in school. 

Asked how they balance music and school, they said each subject has its own time. 

“We balance both school and music but it has come at a cost to us. However, our families have managed to support us, though they staunchly maintain we should stay in school and focus on our education,” said Hlupheko, who is  also known as E Great.

“I loved performing a lot in school and there was never a show at school I could miss. 

|”I love performing, in as much as I wanted it to remain a secret. 

“People would tell my father that I had danced and performed at a certain event and he would have none of it,”  said Yakobe, popularly known as Smiley among his peers, while smiling shyly.

Smiley and E Great highlighted the significant role music plays in shaping up their lifestyle, attributing to it as a coping mechanism. 

“We are millennials and as I have realised growing up is not so easy.

“Being a teenager is the most challenging stage in every child’s life, whether you are a boy or a girl,” said Smiley.

“There is that guidance we need despite us being labelled as rebels.” 

“I use music as an emotional connection”.

E Great concurred and said, “It is a challenging phase for us as teenagers.

“I agree with my friend like he has said that sometimes we face stereotypes. Therefore, we are not properly guided. 

“Music is what we use to escape from the harsh realities of this world,” he said.

Despite being young, the two musicians managed to produce and record the song on their own.

“With support from fellow learners, who feature in the video, we recorded, proving a point that age is not a barrier and determination pays.”

 “We aim to send a message to our peers out there who might be on the verge of giving up in life.” 

“There is always room for success, so they should not limit themselves and rather be motivated to create a lasting impression,” said E Great.

Not only do they focus on teenage love songs, the duo has also taken heed to the plight of the girl child after realising girls are at times forced into situations due to circumstances. 

“We aim to encourage the girl child through our music. Yes, we did a love song, but some of our songs are meant to uplift the girl child and encourage her not to give in to peer pressure,” Smiley said.

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