Chingoma is back

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Chingoma is back Daniel Chingoma

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Daniel Chingoma

Daniel Chingoma

Mercy Bofu Entertainment Reporter
GIFTED singer and craftsman Daniel Chingoma has released a six-track album, his second,  which shows he is here to stay.
Titled “Are You Serious”, the album was released last month by Last Power Media and includes  tracks such as “Njike Njike”, “Nhamo”, “Mhondoro yemvura” and “Ngoma Yemafaro”.
Chingoma’s music is contemporary with some influences of reggae and jiti. Songs such as “Njike Njike” and “Nhamo” are steeped in folklore.

The album was named “Are You Serious” to address social issues especially concerning marriage where people marry not for love but for fame and fortune.

According to Chingoma this leads to divorces which affect children. Chingoma’s music encourages people to uphold their cultural values.
“I sing traditional music so that the youths can learn our social values from it,” said Chingoma.
Chingoma attributed his silence to lack of funds.

“Upcoming musicians lack support from promoters because they promote established musicians although there is a lot of upcoming talent in Zimbabwe,” said Chingoma.

He applauded his mother Emilia Chingoma for supporting and inspiring him.
Chingoma said he was now ready to stage live shows thanks to sponsorship from Taisek Engineering Company.
An engineer,  and Chingoma (45) is best known as “The Helicopter Man” after constructing a controversial helicopter dubbed “Zimcopter”.

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