Chinese water engineers to help upgrade Harare water delivery system

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The Herald

Municipal Reporter—
CHINESE water engineers who were seconded to upgrade the city’s water delivery system under the US$144 million China Import and Export Bank loan have started arriving in the country and are already holding meetings with council officials. In an interview Harare Water director Engineer Christopher Zvobgo said yesterday they have started work with seven engineers who are already in the country while a bigger delegation is expected to arrive on Sunday.

“A delegation of seven engineers arrived on Sunday and we are expecting another engineer tomorrow (today),” said Eng Zvobgo.
“On Sunday we are expecting a bigger delegation of 19 engineers. We are doing some preliminary work and we are also arranging for their accommodation.”

The city partnered with CMEC of China in the implementation of the project after sourcing funding from that country.
This came after residents complained that they were not getting enough water and also after realising that the water and sewer distribution network was old and needed replacement.

Occasional major pipe bursts were forcing residents to fetch water from unprotected sources, posing health hazards.
The refurbishment of the Morton Jaffray Water Treatment Plant which is expected to start this week would mark the end of water problems facing Harare.

The Chinese Export Import Bank and has already acquired material to be used for the refurbishment of the 60-year-old plant.
Harare Water currently produces 450 mega-litres a day from Prince Edward and Morton Jaffray waterworks, 100 of which are lost through leaks and dilapidated infrastructure against a normal requirement of 900 mega litres a day.

The daily requirement in September has risen to between 1 200 to 1 500 mega litres due to the prevailing hot temperatures.
At full implementation Morton Jaffray and Prince Edward water treatment plants are expected to produce up to 705 mega litres a day.

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