Chinese company to help Namibian mining advance

WINDHOEK. – The China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC) Rossing Uranium Mine on Tuesday pledged its support for technological advancements and long-term investment in Namibia’s mining sector during a conference in the capital.

Namibian officials discussed the evolution of mining policies, the economic prospects of uranium mining, mineralization potential, and progress in exploration across the country at the conference themed “Namibian Natural Uranium Sustainable Development.”

Participants from the CNNC highlighted the company’s expertise in exploration, mining, metallurgy and nuclear energy development, underscoring the long-term commitment to investing in Namibia’s mining and energy sectors. They also provided insights into their full industrial chain technical capabilities in nuclear energy.

Junli Chen, chairperson of China National Uranium Corporation Limited (CNUC), a subsidiary of CNNC in Namibia, emphasized the importance of natural uranium in global energy development and addressing climate change. “As the global energy landscape continues to change, the safe and stable supply of natural uranium has attracted worldwide attention,” he said.

According to Junli, Namibia is one of the world’s richest countries in natural uranium resources, and China’s uranium industry places great importance on developing this sector in Namibia.  – Xinhua

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