China’s contribution to health praised

20 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views
China’s contribution to health praised Ren Minghui

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BEIJING. – China has made great contributions to the world in the public health domain, Ren Minghui, assistant director-general of the World Health Organisation (WHO), has said.

“Many of China’s early experiences in public health, for example, the barefoot doctors and primary healthcare policies and plannings, have been recognised by the World Health Organisation, as well as the international community,” said Ren, the WHO’s assistant director-general for universal health coverage and communicable and noncommunicable diseases,.

“China’s contributions in traditional medicine have also been accepted by the WHO and many more countries and have been incorporated into the WHO strategies, with more and more countries actively considering incorporating them into their formal health service systems.”

He added that China’s work in the prevention and control of infectious diseases, such as polio, malaria, lymphatic filariasis, trachoma has reached the goals of the WHO’s strategic plan for the elimination or eradication of infectious diseases.

Ren said China and other countries are facing many common public health problems, such as unbalanced distribution of health resources and lack of medicine and healthcare. – Xinhua

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