Chinamasa applauds taxpayers

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Chinamasa applauds taxpayers Minister Chinamasa

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Minister of Finance and Economic Development Patrick Chinamasa, has applauded compliant taxpayers for sustaining Zimbabwe’s economy and pledged Government’s support in creating a conducive operating climate for business to thrive.

“ . . . the future economic growth should be private sector-driven. Government is fully aware of the importance of the private sector, and will continue to adapt its policies in order to create an environment conducive for sustainable business operations,” said Minister Chinamasa.

Speaking at the Taxpayer Appreciation Awards Dinner on September 23 2016, the Finance Minister highlighted that economic growth is an important pillar of effective domestic resource mobilisation.

“You cannot draw blood from a stone. Thus, you cannot generate sufficient tax revenues from the private sector when the economy is not performing.

“In our case, the fiscal and monetary policy measures that we are pursuing are meant to promote economic growth and redeploy resources towards productive sectors.

“This is the case with the Command Agriculture Initiative which we have embarked upon for the 2016 /2017 agricultural season,” added Minister Chinamasa.

The minister spoke about measures the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) is taking to fight corruption.

“Fighting corruption is a key performance metric for the ZIMRA Board of Directors. I would, therefore, urge you all to join in the fight against corruption for the benefit of current and future generations.

“Let us not just think about ourselves but our grand-grandchildren, the rural folk, our unemployed youths, men and women, the homeless, the sick who are failing to access drugs, children dropping out of school, among others,” said Minister Chinamasa.

Taxpayer Appreciation Awards were introduced in 2011 to honour compliant taxpayers who pay their taxes and customs duties on time and in full.

This year the awards ceremony was held under the theme “Harnessing Technology to Promote a Culture of Voluntary Tax Compliance” to underscore the quintessential role of automation in improving convenience and reducing cost of tax compliance.

Over 60 taxpayers were recognised for their tax and customs compliance.

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