China stresses interests of developing nations at G77 plus China summit at COP28

Chinese Vice Premier Ding Xuexiang has addressed the Group of Seventy-seven plus China summit at COP28. He said developing nations should unequivocally oppose unilateralism, and protect their interests in the fight towards climate change. Saturday also saw millions of dollars being added to the Loss and Damage Fund, as the chorus to increase renewable energy targets grows. Radhika Bajaj reports from Dubai.

The group of 77+China, a bloc meant to advance the collective voice of developing countries, met at COP28 under Cuba’s chairmanship.

The convention aims to reinforce strategic coordination of the bloc in the context of the environmental crisis.

DING XUEXIANG Chinese Vice Premier “We need to jointly pursue sustainable development, better synergize our strategies for green transition and development and enhance mutual assistance. We need to explore new pathways that promote development in tandem with protection, firmly defend the legitimate development rights and interests of the developing world and strive for reasonable room for our development.”

The Global Decarbonization Accelerator (GDA), a series of initiatives to speed up energy transition and drastically reduce global emissions was launched by the UAE.

It focuses on rapidly scaling the energy system of tomorrow, decarbonizing the energy system of today and targeting methane and other non-CO2 greenhouse gases.

A key highlight of the day was a message that came from a man of God.

Pope Francis, who couldn’t travel to Dubai, sent a message to leaders at COP28.

CARDINAL PIETRO PAROLIN Vatican Secretary of State “The development of many countries already burdened by great economic debt should not be penalized. Instead, we should consider the footprint of a few nations responsible for a deeply troubling ecological debt towards many others. It would only be fair to find a suitable means of remitting the financial debts that burden different peoples.”

And it seems that the developed world is paying heed to this long standing demand for climate finance and justice. – CGTN

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