China hosts technology training for African youths

BEIJING. – A group of young people from Africa have been attending training sessions at the Luban Workshop in China’s Tianjin Municipality.

Named after the ancient woodcraft master, Lu Ban, it aims to share Chinese technology and experience through hands-on learning.

Handiso Selamu Yisihak, an Ethiopian member of the workshops’ training personnel, said that high-end technologies and practical education makes the workshop different from other programmes.

“The first thing is, the Luban Workshop system and the training centres contain high-end technologies. You will practice immediately what you have learned,” he said.

Many of the youngsters attending the workshop hope that by acquiring these vital vocational skills, they can not only realise their dreams, but also help drive economic and social development in their home countries.

Students also said the workshop will help open up invaluable opportunities in their careers.

Trainers said the practical experience gained through this kind of workshop was the only way to truly master these skills which are centred on the application of technology. The Luban Workshops are run both in China and in various countries in Africa. –

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