Chimbo Ichi: An early Valentine’s Present from Jazzy Jazz

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Chimbo Ichi: An early Valentine’s Present from Jazzy Jazz Jazzy Jazz

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Tinashe Mutero
As we settle into the month of February, our timelines, radios, every advertising space will be filled with messages of love and sentimentality.

We will also witness numerous love themed musical shows.

Even the singles among us will claim to be drowning in love at least for one day in February.

Lawyer and musician Tinashe Davira also known as Jazzy Jazz, has set the tone, releasing a ballad titled Ichi Chimbo (This Song).  Produced by Dj Khulekani at GM Records, the song is struck off Davira’s forthcoming album of the same name.

Ichi Chimbo (this song) is a painfully beautiful song which brings out all the beauty of, and how love tears one apart.  Undoubtedly, the first and probably the lasting impression from the song is Jazzy Jazz’s vocal style which imitates natural inflections of speech making the song accessible and a perfect tune to dedicate to a loved one.

The persona in the song tells of how he found his sweetheart in an unexpected place and he has dismally failed to fight the spell called love. One wonders, can we really fight love?

Chimbo ichi is a song whose lyrics are taken from the alter of love, where couples promise to be with each other in sickness, happiness and even when they are broke. The love-struck persona urges his partner to hold on to the promises in the song even after death, as the adage goes, true love never dies.

Of course, the maxim does not hold true to all of us; some have suffered huge disappointments. But listening to the song just gives one hope that indeed true love resides somewhere under the sun.  Hope is we will all live to experience this kind of love or at the very least this song will rekindle the dowsed flames in our love lives.

The music is just as soothing and captivating as the lyrics. The lead guitar alternates between jazz riffs and rocklike passages, anchored by a very steady bassline and disciplined drumming. This contrast gives the song a firm grip on the hearts of even the broken hearted among us.

The message, the musicality and the artistry will ensnare many in a cloud of love or better still provide the sound track for a lot more as they walk down the aisle.  Chimbo ichi is a simply sophisticated song. It’s beauty just like love cannot be easily put to words, you must experience it.

This February you will be forgiven if you forget flowers, and you dedicate Chimbo Ichi to your love. I am dedicating this song to all the Zimbabwean beauties.  And to my wife, it’s the song, love and flowers of course.

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