Chikomba clinic brings relief to villagers Minister Munzverengwi

Victor MaphosaMash East Correspondent

Construction of Madamombe Clinic in Ward 15 of Chikomba district, using devolution funds has been completed, with the Second Republic putting up the money, the local community providing labour and local materials, and the rural district council providing technical expertise. 

Madamombe Clinic was commissioned last Tuesday, bringing relief and joy to the community and nearby villagers who have been walking for long distances to access health services.

Construction of the clinic started in 2012, but then stalled due to financial constraints.

When devolution funds reached Chikomba Rural District Council, the clinic moved near the top of the list as the Second Republic led by President Mnangagwa pushes its policy of leaving no one and no place behind in its development agenda.

While Government availed devolution funds, the community provided labour and Chikomba Rural District Council came in with technical support.

Commissioning the clinic last week, Minister of State for Provincial Affairs and Devolution for Mashonaland East Aplonia Munzverengwi applauded Chikomba RDC for channelling devolution funds towards construction of clinics across the district. She thanked the community for the support given to get their own clinic.

“This project is a product of collaboration and collective effort,” said Minister Munzverengwi. 

“Construction of Madamombe Clinic begun in 2012. The community played a pivotal role in providing locally available resources while the traditional leaders were also instrumental in mobilising the community to gather the much-needed labour and locally available material.

“During the period 2012 to 2017, the project was largely through ward plough-backs in the form of development levies. However, the completion of the project was delayed due to funding challenges. Our Government started disbursing devolution funds in 2019 and Chikomba RDC, in their wisdom, committed to funding the completion of this project under the inter-governmental fiscal transfers (devolution funding).”

Minister Munzverengwi said devolution funds were used to buy roofing material, ceiling, paint, window and door frames, and cement to finish the project.

“My office is proud that Chikomba RDC has been optimally using the funds and to date, a number of projects have been completed, while some of the projects that have been started are at various stages of completion.

“The project being commissioned and those that have already been commissioned are a product of wide consultations and they seek to meet the needs of the community,” said Minister Munzverengwi.

Chikomba RDC chairman, Alderman Israel Dhikinya, thanked Government.

“I want to thank President Mnangagwa for devolution funds. These funds assisted us to complete this clinic quickly. Through these funds, we also managed to procure tipper trucks and other equipment, now service delivery has improved.

“Let us work together and fulfil Vision 2030,” he said.

Beneficiaries of the clinic thanked Government for availing funds for the various projects aimed at improving their livelihoods.

A Madamombe villager Mr Shayamombe, thanked the Government and everyone who played a role from the beginning to the completion of the clinic’s construction. 

“This clinic will assist all of us who have been walking long distances to get health services. We are grateful.

“We have the elderly in the community, we have those who are pregnant and school children; all these people will be assisted closer to their homes. This is a great achievement for us.”

Amai Mavhangire from the same village applauded the Second Republic for leading the completion of the clinic.

“Our families are now safe. I have hypertension and have been walking for long distances to get medication. But look now, we have a clinic closer to our homes. I am now safe, my children are safe, what more would I need.

“Our President and the whole Government should be thanked for this important project. Our council should be commended for this great job they did. Once again, we are now safe as a community.”

Community health worker Mbuya Svinurai said: “This is good, Government has done a wonderful job for the people and we are thankful. Now even if someone gets sick at night, we can easily bring them to the clinic. We are happy as health workers.

“We are thankful to Chikomba RDC and the Government for this.”

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