Chihuri slams false prophets, homosexuals

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Chihuri slams false prophets, homosexuals

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must not be accommodated in Zimbabwe.
Comm-Gen Chihuri was speaking yester­day at a church service at Morris Deport held for recruits.
He said there were false prophets at the forefront of spreading malicious informa­tion about Zimbabwe.
Comm-Gen Chihuri said prophets must solve their own countries’ woes before med­dling in Zimbabwean affairs.
“False prophets who are finding solace in preaching lies must leave Zimbabwe alone,” he said.
“They need to solve their countries’ prob­lems before looking into other countries’ affairs.
“Some prophets come into Zimbabwe with a wrong purpose and hidden agenda.
“They intend to overshadow our own preachers and our own way of conducting things.
“They must go back and shine in their own countries.”
Comm Gen Chihuri said worse things were occurring in some of the prophets’ countries and they ignore them in prefer­ence of being negative about Zimbabwe.
“They are saying a lot of negative things about Zimbabwe, calling it a small country yet in their own countries many disasters are happening,” he said.
“Plane crashes, natural disasters are occur­ring all the time and people are dying every day.”
Comm-Gen Chihuri said people need to be cautious on everything prophets say.
“Do not be fooled by these prophets who consider themselves as messengers and true prophets of God,” he said.
“Only the word of God helps you in every­thing.”
Comm-Gen Chihuri took a swipe at homosexuals and said the practice is not welcome in Zimbabwe because it is a sin against God.
“Tell lesbians and gays that it is a big sin, unAfrican and an abomination to God,” he said.
“Homosexuals are misusing God’s design. He does not make errors and He is not a God of mistakes.”
Comm-Gen Chihuri urged members of the police force to remain loyal and protect the country from foreign intrusion.


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