Chihuri lauds female cops Comm-Gen Chihuri
Comm-Gen Chihuri

Comm-Gen Chihuri

Freeman Razemba Crime Reporter
Police Commissioner-General Augustine Chihuri has applauded female police officers for excelling in their duties locally and internationally. He said female police officers had the requisite skills and were able to face challenges just like their male counterparts when conducting their duties.

Comm-Gen Chihuri said this while debriefing 18 police officers who recently returned after being deployed in Liberia on a United Nations peacekeeping mission.

Of the 18, 13 were males while 5 were females.

“I need to make a special warm mention of our female officers who have always bloomed and shone alongside their male counterparts,” said Comm- Gen Chihuri.

“Certainly, our female officers in the organisation have taken delight in challenges, relished the experiences and performed their duties with inspiring character and outstanding integrity.

“As a matter of record, our female officers recently stood out for special commendation for their sterling performance in their recent assignments in Equatorial Guinea for Africa Cup of Nations games from January 2015 to February 2015 and Lesotho for the general elections in February 2015.”

Comm-Gen Chihuri said the knowledge, skills and competency demonstrated outside the country mirrored the same resident standards at home.

“It does not matter where you are assigned, what matters is what you have,” he said.

“I say this because the expectations of the United Nations Peacekeeping mandate are not different from our constitutional mandate here at home,” he said.

Comm-Gen Chihuri said the returning police officers executed their mandate with due professionalism, courage, determination and focused sense of service.

He said the force and the country were aware of the challenges the officers faced with respect to the Ebola pandemic.

Comm-Gen Chihuri urged the returning officers to acquaint themselves with Constitution of Zimbabwe Amendment (No. 20) Act 2013 and Zim-Asset.

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