Chihuri calls for Godly wisdom in ZRP

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Chihuri calls for Godly wisdom in ZRP Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri

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Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri

Police Commissioner-General Dr Augustine Chihuri

From Chipo Sabeta in Chinhoyi
Commissioner-General of police Dr Augustine Chihuri yesterday urged the police to use Godly wisdom in the execution of their duties, saying bad behaviour within the force must stop.

He was delivering a sermon at Orange Groove Motel here during a meeting with police officers in Mashonaland West Province. “Everything requires Jesus and all police officers need to understand that,” he said.

“True wisdom comes from God, not from traditional healers. If they are wise, why do they die? Why do they live in poverty? Why do they take money from you after engaging their services?

“We want police officers who are led by Jesus in doing their daily duties. Police officers must pray for Godly wisdom in serving the nation and must do so with all their heart. The divine plan of wisdom is in Jesus.”

Comm-Gen Chihuri conceded there was corruption in ZRP and vowed to weed out bad apples. “Police officers must desist from misconduct,” he said. “Pane zvinhu two zvinoitika pauhori. They are quick to grab money and conceal the act. “They want to do so in the dark and cover up everything. It is unlike when there is transparency in the system. Things are done in broad day light.

“The country is grappling with corruption in both the private and public sectors and the dire situation had been worsened by police officers, who chose not to fear God in their day to day work. We want police officer who are afraid of sin.”

Comm-Gen Chihuri said leadership started at home. “There is no way one can be expected to lead a certain department when he is failing his life,” he said. “Kana uchitadza kutungamira mhuri yako, unotungamira sei kubatira nyika basa.

“We must be great leaders for Zimbabwe and be able to work and provide for our families. Why do you stay at home when your family is going to church? What example are you giving to your children?

“We want police officers, who are well trained both at home and work. We do not want people to curse us when we are walking in public because of our conduct at home.”

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