Chihombori eyes Kenyan market

Chihombori eyes Kenyan market Enock Chihombori
Enock Chihombori

Enock Chihombori

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Botswana-based film producer, scriptwriter, actor, author and cartoonist Enock Chihombori is eyeing the Kenyan market for his comic book “Little Hare Stories – Big Trouble at the River”. In a statement on his Facebook wall, Chihombori said book piracy in Zimbabwe has forced him to eye the market in Botswana and Kenya for his comic book. “Publishers have no power over piracy and those I spoke to are contemplating closure of business.

“Some are hopeful things will change. I can’t have my Gringo Cartoon book released in Zimbabwe for fear of this scourge.
“I know how it feels to have your material pirated. I wrote, illustrated and had published an English children’s animal cartoon book titled “Little Hare Stories – Big Trouble at the River”, but again I can’t have it released in Zimbabwe. I have managed to sell a limited number of copies to schools here in Botswana and I am now contemplating to have the book re-published and distributed in Kenya,” he said.

Chihombori said book publishers revealed that they were facing a slump in sales of books, which is attributed to piracy of books.
“I got the opportunity to speak to some people in the book publishing industry.

“Last year and maybe early this year I did talk about publishing a Gringo cartoon book. I have gone ahead and did that, but unfortunately I am unable to release the book into the Zimbabwean market and bookshops,” he said.

Chihombori said he spoke to book publishers who revealed to him that the publishing industry was facing a tough time because of piracy.
“They are finding it difficult to sale their books or to find a viable market and one would think this affects reader-books only, but alas, textbooks have been greatly affected as well. Book-pirating-guys are busy photocopying books and openly displaying their covers in streets.

“Yes, times are hard for everyone and genuine books are expensive to buy. Most struggling parents will find it easier to buy a photocopied copy. That’s the situation we find ourselves in. I understand these pirating book vendors are not worried about the police or council police anymore,” said Chihombori.

He recently suffered a setback after his award winning “Gringo the Troublemaker” movie was pirated after it premièred in movie theatres.

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