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Chiefs, ZNA celebrate ‘unique bond’

12 Oct, 2019 - 00:10 0 Views
Chiefs, ZNA celebrate ‘unique bond’ Major-General Sigauke

The Herald

Talent Chimutambgi  Herald Reporter

THE Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) has commended traditional leaders for preserving the country’s norms and values.

ZNA Chief of Staff General Staff Major- General David Sigauke paid the tribute during a Traditional Leaders’ Day at Kaguvi Barracks , formerly 2 Infantry Brigade.

“Traditional leaders are an indispensable asset in uniting our communities. We seek to continue fostering the symbiotic relationship between the ZNA and chiefs which dates back to time immemorial,” said Maj-Gen Sigauke.

“Our endeavour to interact with our chiefs remains a special honour to strengthening the relationship between the military and our society. The military therefore acknowledges the role played by chiefs in the society in cementing and solidifying our cultural values and ethos,” said Maj-Gen Sigauke.

“During the liberation struggle, the chiefs together with the village heads received freedom fighters in various operational zones and assisted them in the prosecution of the war. The chiefs are therefore an emblem of the liberation struggle and freedom that we enjoy today in pursuance of our interests hence they should remain on the forefront of defending our hard-won independence,” he said.

Maj-Gen Sigauke said the role of traditional leaders had a constitutional leverage in Chapter 15 Section 282(1) that they should remain responsible for the promotion and upholding of cultural values of communities.

Chief Nechombo, Senator Langton Chikukwa, who was representing the Mashonaland East chapter of the Chiefs Council, acknowledged the assistance that they were receiving from the ZNA in preserving peace and fostering development in their areas.

“The ZNA is doing a great job in assisting us as chiefs to ensure peace and security prevails in our areas of jurisdiction,” said Chief Nechombo.

“In the wake of Cyclone Idai, the ZNA played an indispensable role in rescue operations of evacuating remnants of Cyclone Idai to alternative safety camps and providing medical assistance to the injured,” he said.

Chief Nechombo revealed they came up with a programme called “Mvura naya-naya”, which is anchored on three clusters, namely reviving the Zunde Ramambo, fighting cultural erosion exacerbated by the influx of social media and social habitation through curbing domestic violence as well as sexual abuse and child marriages.

“We came up with a programme called ‘Mvura naya-naya’ and under this programme we want to revive Zunde Ramambo to ensure food security in our communities, fighting cultural erosion which is being facilitated through social media and to end sexual abuse and child marriages,” said Chief Nechombo.

The function, which was attended by 35 chiefs from across Mashonaland East, Minister of State for Mashonaland East Provincial Affairs Senator Apolonia Munzverengi and members of the Joint Operations Command, was running under the theme, “Dedicated to preserve, promote and safeguard Zimbabwe’s cultural heritage, national values and Ubuntu”.

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