Chief Saunyama rallies behind President


Samuel Kadungure Mutare Bureau
CHIEF Saunyama has endorsed the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and will work tirelessly to ensure resounding victory for Zanu-PF. In supporting President Mnangagwa, Chief Saunyama said in an interview that Zanu-PF should shun factional politics ahead of the crucial 2018 elections.

“Leaders come and go, and we embrace and rally behind the new Government led by President Mnangagwa,” he said.

“I and other traditional leaders from Nyanga, would like to assure him of our support, and that we will work tirelessly to ensure a resounding victory for Zanu-PF in 2018.

“The traditional leaders fully support the new Government and all its endeavours to better the lives of the people of Zimbabwe.

“We must give the new Government time to strategise and put its act together. It is too early to be pessimistic, the new administration should take a radical stance against factionalism, imposition of candidates, leadership wrangles and indiscipline among other thorny problems remaining unsolved following the expulsion of the G40 faction.

“The people of Nyanga belong to Zanu-PF, not individuals. Zanu-PF and the traditional leadership cannot be separated; they are like fish and water. We share a common background and the party’s policies resonate with us.

“Nyanga is ready to work with President Mnangagwa and deliver. We respect the President, and as per protocol if the leadership say turn right, you turn right.”

Chief Saunyama said Zanu-PF should enter this year’s elections as a united front and do away with previous scenarios when it went to polls in a fractious state.

“We are serious about winning the forthcoming elections, and as a party we must put our act together and rally behind President Mnangagwa’s candidature,” he said.

“We want to congratulate President Mnangagwa for assuming the reins of power in the party and Government. We also endorse his Presidential candidature for the 2018 elections. We have one candidate to support.”

Chief Saunyama added: “We need to come up with a variety of ways to unite party supporters as this will transcend in the building up of a strong support base for the ruling party whose effectiveness in past elections was compromised by factional induced dis- unity.”

Chief Saunyama said Zanu-PF had emerged from its recent Extraordinary Congress more united and tolerant of internal criticism, virtues that enhance internal participatory democracy and minimise internal disgruntlement.

“The party has emerged very strong, much stronger than was the case when G40 was in control,” he said. “Unity is the greatest objective in politics. If we stand united as a party, we will be able to achieve better outcomes.

“Factions do not help, but only destroy any political institution. As a party, we can only come out well and strong when we are united.”

Chief Saunyama hailed President Mnangagwa for policies that appeal to the masses and enable the party to consolidate its grip on power.

“The people of Nyanga are grateful for the inputs they got under Command Agriculture and the Presidential Inputs Support Scheme,” he said. “The rains are good and we are looking forward to a bumper harvest and feed the nation.”


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