Chibuku Super banana flavour gets overwhelming response

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Chibuku Super banana flavour gets overwhelming response

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Lesego Valela Lifestyle Writer

Back in my hood, there is nothing that gives pleasure to a colleagues than chatting on wet throats. It is taboo to discuss matters on dry throats.

Drinking is just plain fun. It is nourishing and soothing.

Like salt, alcohol brings out the flavour in food.

Whether you are cooking with wine, beer, or liquor, the alcohol in those beverages improves flavour perception in at least two important ways: by evaporation and by molecular bonding.

Well, some researchers have said that when people taste alcohol in the laboratory, the amount of bitterness they experience differs, and these differences are related to which variant of a bitter receptor gene the individual has.

But what if it’s the case of having flavoured alcohol.

On Tuesday, Zimbabwe welcomed the new banana flavour for Chibuku Super which was introduced by Delta Beverages.

Good thing so far, within three days already it has had people talking about it as some have already ‘tasted the goodness’ out of it.

The event was held at The Nest at Thirty in Borrowdale were guests treated to some entertainment courtesy of local top choreographer John Cole who put up a scintillating performance.

Not only JohnCole was present popular mbira legend Vee Mhofu, proved his mantle that the traditional music was his cup of coffee yet alone at the traditional event, he nailed it.

Radio personality Themba Mkanda affectionately known as Chana who was the emcee flawlessly sailed through during his presentation.

According to the product owners, having the flavour has been considered a game changer in the Traditional African beer category.

A survey by The Herald on Saturday Lifestyle, revealed that the newly introduced banana flavour is aimed at giving consumers a wider choice of beer and also to anchor the brand ethos of celebrating the bonds of friendship.

Speaking at the colourful launch, recently, the general manager of the Sorghum beer business, Marshall Pemhiwa said they owe it to consumers who are the anchor of the sorghum beer business to offer differentiated products that will appeal and satisfy their needs.

“This occasion alone gives me the confidence that the Sorghum Beer Business is firmly set on our robust plan of building brilliant brands, whose main goal is ‘to grow our business by offering our consumers brand experiences that play a meaningful role in their lives in a responsible way which is one of our key strategic pillars,” Pemhiwa said.

He said it was Delta Beverages’ conviction to develop a strong offering that is abreast with the latest trends.

“This Chibuku Super banana flavoured variant is brewed with the same traditional taste profile as its sister brand, offering a unique and carbonated taste experience, with a well-balanced flavour.

“With Chibuku Super Banana, we aim to anchor the brand ethos of celebrating the bonds of friendship,” he said.

Chibuku Super avid fan Alan Chikonzo who was present during the event got to give his opinion on the new banana flavoured beer.

“The banana flavor is smooth, it is very tasty and makes you want to keep drinking more. We are looking forward to the introduction of more flavors from Chibuku Super”

Sophia Nkomo from Belvedere defined the taste of the banana Chibuku Super as best. “Traditional beer has always been the best and I always prefer Chibuku Super.

Now that there is another flavor that has been introduced, I must say that I am very excited and ready to buy more of these,” she said.

However, seeing that Chibuku is celebrating 60 years of friendship since 1962, it has decided to be a game changer in the Traditional African beer category and Chibuku Super products are now brewed across eight breweries spread throughout Zimbabwe which is an impressive sign for the Chibuku Industry.

The Southern region manager, Edwin Karuwo toasted to the new banana flavoured beer where everyone got to ‘Taste the goodness’ which is brewed with the same traditional taste profile as its sister brand.

The new product offers a very unique and carbonated taste experience with a well-balanced flavour which presents a wonderful drinking experience which is the slow drinking goodness and a satisfying taste of a flavoured traditional beer offering that can be consumed at anytime, anywhere.

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