Chegutu Municipality top bosses arrested

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Chegutu Municipality top bosses arrested Mr Makamure

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Blessings Chidakwa Municipal Reporter

Two officials from the opposition-led Chegutu Municipality have been arrested by officers from Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) on several allegations including abuse of office, sexual harassment, nepotism as well as tax evasion.

ZACC spokesperson Mr John Makamure confirmed the arrests of Chegutu Municipality human resources manager George Kasamu and the revenue accountant Blandina Kavhayi.

“I can confirm the arrests of two Chegutu Municipality officials on several charges,” he said.

A well-placed police source, the two were picked up at the Town House and were handed over to the police to start the prosecution process.

“Kasamu is facing various charges including abuse of office, sexual harassment, nepotism as well as evading tax,” said the source.

Kasamu is said to have flouted the recruitment procedures on two occasions in an effort to accommodate his relatives.

“The first incident is when he deliberately employed a municipal officer (name supplied) without five O Levels when the advert clearly stated that all candidates must have at least five ordinary levels.

“On the second occasion, Kasamu is said to also have violated a council resolution that stated that only three roving cashiers should be recruited. Instead, the HR manager went on to recruit four people, once again in an effort to accommodate another candidate who is the daughter of his friend (names supplied),” said the source.

Further allegations are that Kasumu allegedly misrepresented figures of senior managers’ rentals and school fees benefits for tax purposes, thereby evading tax, prejudicing the Government of millions of dollars since 2014.

“A report to that effect has also been released by ZIMRA. Kasamu also violated the student recruitment resolution which says only 14 students could be on the payroll by enrolling more than 30 students, of which he would use his discretion to choose which 14 would be on the payroll.

“This led to a lot of cases of sexual abuse at the workplace as desperate students would be lured for sexual escapades just to be among the 14 on the payroll,” said the source.

Revenue Accountant Blandina Kavhayi is also jointly charged with Kasamu for abuse of office in the recruitment process.

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