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Charambas in double glory

Charambas in double glory The Charambas

The Herald

The Charambas

The Charambas

Yeukai Karengezeka-Chisepo Arts Correspondent
Gospel couple Pastor Charles and Olivia Charamba released their two albums yesterday.

To make sure the albums reach out to most Zimbabweans, they have partnered Zimpapers for distribution. Pastor Charamba’s album is called “Abba Father” while his wife’s project is named “Voice of Mirriam”.

A follow-up concert will be held at the Chitungwiza Aquatic Complex in September. Over the weekend they performed at the Tabernacle of Worship Family Ministries International leaving hundreds convinced that they were still a force to reckon.

“Voice of Mirriam” has songs “Ndiri Munana”, “Boycott Sin”, “Vana Mumasango” and “Mwaka” while Abba Father will have songs “Jesu Garao”, “Vakanga Vakaita Sei”, “Kutengesa Josefa” and “Ndiregerere”.

With the Charambas being considered as the first gospel family coming into the race, it is yet to be seen if they will save the genre from downfall.

The albums revisit the duo’s old beats that have made them a household name in local gospel. “We are getting back to the basics on these albums. We took our time to record the albums and we hope people will accept them,” he said.

Traditionally the gospel couple has backed each other on their songs and that will be the same case.

“I have worked as a backing vocalist to Mai Charamba and she has worked as my vocalist and that will be the same case on the coming albums,” he said.

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