‘Charamba copycat’ quits job for music

05 Jun, 2014 - 00:06 0 Views

The Herald

Tawanda Marwizi Arts Correspondent
New kid on the block Trymore Bande has quit his job as a sales representative to do music on a full time basis.
Bande stole the limelight when he produced an album with a beat and vocals that many mistook for Charles Charamba’s music.
Pirates took advantage and sold the album purpoting it was Charamba’s new release, which led to a clash between the musicians.
Bande said his career is taking shape and he want to focus more on music.

“I now want to pursue music as a career and so far things are taking shape,” said Bande.
Asked if this might not cost him since he has not yet built a strong fan base, Bande said he would stand by his decision regardless of circumstances.
“This is a decision that I have made and for now I am not regretting the move.”

Bande made his name with his latest album “Zvakagara Zvakadaro”.
Other albums he recorded include “Discover to Discover” in 2009 and “The Scriptures” in 2010, however they failed to make an impact on the music industry until he did the Charamba-like “Zvakagara Zvakadaro”.

The musician said he was working on videos for his album and hopes by the end of this month they will be ready.
“I have already started working on a DVD for my first album and those are some of the commitments that I could not meet when I was at work,” he added.

He has already started live shows with his newly assembled band Gospel Vocals. On Sunday he will be sharing stage with Blessing Shumba, Jah Prayzah and Hosiah Chipanga in Mutare at Pick and Save.

The musician was born in Honde Valley on February 26 and grew up in Samaringa Village.
He did his primary and secondary education at Samaringa Primary and Secondary Schools respectively.

“I started singing in 2005 after I finished school in 2004 and truly speaking I was inspired by the music of Pastor Charamba,” he said.
Although the current album “Zvakagara Zvakadaro” has caused a conflict between the two musicians, Bande said Charamba remains his father and mentor.

“He remains my father in the music industry and I will talk to him like before, when I even curtain-raised some of his shows,” he said.
He urged people to keep on supporting Charamba and his Fishers of Men work together with the public to fight piracy.

“We should keep on supporting him. We are also supporters of Fishers of Men and we should work with the public to fight piracy.”

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