Change the way you see things


Charles Mungoshi Jnr Versatile Fufu
I know the feeling when it looks as if there is no hope or no room for improvement, even Chelsea fans know what it feels like. Change is inevitable when you shift your grounding or perception of a situation.

What it is all about is seeing the hidden opportunity in the situation, there is no poor economy that doesn’t birth prosperity.

The question is: what do you see in everything happening ? How do you see what you see? 2016 is not for chancers but for determined people. Time stops for nobody. Start initiating change by looking at things differently.

The problem you have is seeking outside confirmation when all you need is inner conviction.

You let people define change for you when change is a personal understanding that is influenced into the eyes of many by your vigorous belief in it.

When you feel broke there is a signal that is released to those around you and they will surely see you as a broke somebody. Shift that to feeling rich apart from what you have or your value, people will not understand your standing. They will start speaking, ‘I’m not really sure what he does but he must be doing fine.’

Have you heard that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, which simply means you define what you see, so what do you see? Where one sees death, funeral parlours see money. Hey, WHAT DO YOU SEE? A lot of people complain about the economy when they have no idea what the word even means.

Let the experience of your life be led by the way you see things. There are people who have had hard lives and their perception or sight has been affected and they function from the position of want, lack and failure.

You have to change the way you see things, give a blind eye to the usual way and change the angle in which you are looking from.

Try your best to be analytical, see things from the top, within the strife and as a person who is above all these things.

A solution is never far from the problem. It is you who has the choice to see what you want in any situation. Be bold to stand out and see change in hardships be on the lookout for light in darkness not to be saying we will never find light in here it’s so dark.

When you magnify a problem you amplify it and it grows bigger than you. You will never get a solution if you always see things from one standpoint! Work on your way of seeing and see differently.

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