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MDC-T vice president and Kuwadzana legislator Advocate Nelson Chamisa was last Thursday ordained pastor after completing a diploma in theology with the Apostolic Faith Mission in Zimbabwe’s Living Waters Theological Seminary in Harare. When asked how he was going to balance the dirty world of politics and Christianity, Adv Chamisa said: “Politics is not a dark world. It is politicians who make politics dirty. We must be the light to the world, salt to the earth.”

He urged other public office holders, celebrities and ordinary Zimbabweans to seek God in their lives.

Living Waters Theological Seminary principal Apostle Lovejoy Chabata said the college was happy to see political leaders seek God. We feel great that we are contributing in a great way in the development of leadership and governance in the country. It shows that leaders know and fear God in their leadership, said Apostle Chabata.

He said Adv Chamisa had been worshipping with AFM in Zimbabwe, in Mabelreign for a long time. Adv Chamisa also shares biblical scriptures on social media under a Facebook page Face to Face with Nelson Chamisa .

The Living Waters Theological Seminary has been in existence for the past 42 years. It was founded in 1974 by Rev Wilson, a missionary from the United States of America. The seminary was then known as the Rhodesia African Theological College.

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