Chamisa bashes former girlfriend Starman Chamisa

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Former Mbare Constituency legislator Starman Chamisa, who is also the brother of twice-beaten opposition presidential candidate Nelson Chamisa, is seen in a video clip that has gone viral on social media assaulting his former girlfriend, CCC MP for Southerton Ms Bridget Nyandoro, with whom he has a child.

In the video, Miss Nyandoro is seen being rescued by members of the public.

She told The Herald that she did not have any bruises as the beatings did not last long but “he twisted my neck which is still hurting”. She is taking pain killers. 

Ms Nyandoro said the recent assault was meted on her because  she  had asked for school fees money for his child”.

She accused Starman Chamisa of being an irresponsible father who is denying his child the benefits of having a father present in the child’s life.

“The reason he physically assaulted me was because I had asked him for our child’s school fees.

“He just does not want to be responsible for his child. Every time I ask him for money for the child’s fees and upkeep, he starts telling me the child is not his and I need to do a DNA test.

“I do not know what is stopping him from conducting the tests. The other day he made a booking at a DNA centre in Eastlea and then he refused to undergo the tests. This was in the presence of one of his lawyers.”

She says she feels threatened.

“He told me that he is well connected with CIOs and the army and he has enough money to make my son disappear at any time without anything happening to him,” said Miss Nyandoro. “If it was not for the people who heard me screaming, I would have died,” she added.

“I am not going to report him, because for a fact he is thuggish. He moves around with a gun under his car seat, he knows where I stay. He knows where our child learns. He has continuously said that he is going to make sure that Parliament will be hell for me because he has connections.”

Miss Nyandoro explicitly denied being married to Mr Chamisa saying he is a married man and their relationship had been like a tryst since October 2014.

With her neck still in pain, Miss Nyandoro failed to attend Thursday’s Parliament session.

Efforts to get Mr Chamisa’s side of the story were fruitless as he did not pick any of The Herald’s numerous calls on his mobile phone.

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