Chamisa addicted to political mischief

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Chamisa addicted to political mischief Nelson Chamisa

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Isdore Guvamombe, Assistant Editor
MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa is shockingly addicted to political mischief and violence so much that if unchecked, he is a danger to himself, his party and its supporters and indeed the country.

He is contemptuous of everything and everyone who is not him and hence has shown no respect to anyone or any process including the Judiciary, the Executive and the Legislature.

He is contemptuous of the church, where his behaviour plunges his church, where he is a pastor into disrepute.
Pastors are known to be humble, stable, calculative and Godly.

Chamisa is not. He actually wanted to cheat his way into the presidency of Zimbabwe by bringing cooked evidence before the highest court in the land, the Constitutional Court.

A man who despises such a court and seeks to lie to it, is dangerous to the country, let alone if he wants to rule.
He is an advocate but his grasp of the law and its tenets as an officer of the court, leaves a lot to be desired, if one is to look at his electoral challenge from a legal perspective.

The purpose of the challenge was mere political mischief. But on second thoughts, he knew exactly what he was doing and was just doing mischief to spite President Mnangagwa. At the end, the whole court case was mere political mischief. Mischief!

Chamisa is supposed to be a political party leader who loves his supporters but he did the opposite by selling them a dummy, telling them he had serious evidence of election rigging yet he had virtually nothing.

Believing the lie, they stood by him, they sympathised with him and some were even prepared to die for him, thinking he had really been cheated.

They were very disappointed, thanks to the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for screening live the court proceedings.
It exposed Chamisa as a mischief-mad politician, who disregards everything righteous for political mischief. His middle name should me Mischief.

The sad discovery in Zimbabwe in 2018 is indeed Chamisa. Before he ascended to the top of MDC-Alliance, very little was known about the bad side of this young man. But like they say back in the village, the more a monkey climbs up a tree the more it exposes its essentials.

Within the first eight months of the year, Chamisa has pitched himself as a highly selfish and self-centred young man with blinding ultra-ambition that makes him dangerous not only to himself but to the country as a whole.

Stuck in primitive political mode where no one else should be the winner, except me, Chamisa has more to lose than gain from his mischief making.

He has a lot to lose from his self-centredness that has become the hallmark of his stay at the apex of opposition politics.
Over the months it has become apparently clear that to him, nothing and virtually nothing is right until and unless it favours Chamisa.

Even before an election is conducted Chamisa declares himself the winner. Since then, everything he is doing is mere political mischief.

Everyone except those who do not have a sound mind can see clearly that Chamisa has become an epitome of political mischief, ever since he violently and unconstitutionally usurped power in February.

One does not need to be reminded of Chamisa’s mischief while MDC founding president Morgan Tsvangirai was on his death bed.

One does not need to be reminded of Chamisa’s mischief during Tsvangirai’s funeral wake and the violence that he unleashed on his party colleagues at the funeral.

One does not need to be reminded of the mischief and furry at which he grabbed power and closed out all senior party members from party headquarters at Harvest House, using the ultra-violent Vanguard (a group of rogue MDC party youths). Everyone knows how he mischievously avoided going to congress as per party rules and elbowed out all senior party officials.

Roll forwards, during the campaign period running up to the 2018 Harmonised elections Chamisa declared himself the only person who should win the election and that anything outside his win would be fraudulent.

In that big big-headedness lies his fall from charm. Chamisa, has taken advantage of the democratic plinth provided by President Mnangagwa and is abusing it with unchecked ambition. Soon the chicken will come home to roost. Time, the elders say, is a great teacher.

It is the greatest mischief of our time to have an opposition leader who rejects the rules of his own party; a leader who rejects the will of the people in an election: a leader who goes to court and still rejects the outcome of the same court he approached.

There is more mischief than that. It is being sly. Very, very sly and mischievous.

But wherever one goes in the world, history is there to teach us not to repeat it but to learn from it. Proverbs are not there to be recited but to teach people. Mischief has its day. Even the greatest of all fools, must know their time. When it is time out, it will be time out!

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