‘Chakare wants attention’


Xolisani Nyathi : Arts Reporter

The recently held Zimdancehall Awards show organiser Phineas Mushayi has lashed out at BodySlam Records founder Simbarashe “BodySlam” Chakare for acting irresponsibly. He accused Chakare of using social media to seek attention in an improper manner. Mushayi was reacting to Chakare who took to social media, Facebook, to dismiss the Zimdancehall Awards for failing to give him an honorary award as promised.In the post, Chakare said: “I don’t want to hear anything about music again in my life, promotion or studio, you don’t see me posting or talking about music again. I quit this whole thing, studio closed forever, no more promotion.”

In an interview with The Herald Review, Chakare said he had apologised to his fans for uttering those words.

He, however, said he would not apologise to the Zimdancehall Awards organisers.

He insisted that he still wants to know why they wasted his time calling and telling him they were honouring him.

“I apologise to my fans for uttering such words on Facebook, but not to the Zimdancehall organisers (because) they really disrespected me and the BodySlam family as a whole.

“I was invited as a recipient and all was well. I even cancelled the plans I had for the day just to attend the event, but to my surprise, no award was given to me as promised by the organisers.”

However, Mushayi said an error occurred among the award administrators because they were under pressure.

“It was just an error that occurred, don’t bother yourself on this one. The man wants attention because instead of him insulting us on Facebook, he should have asked what really happened.

“If you check, his name appears on the winners’ list on every online publication and media.

“The reason why he was not called is because the administrators were under pressure. Because of that, his name was somehow omitted, but his award is there. But I also think it was a blessing in disguise because it brings out what kind of man he is.”

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