Celebrities speak on Father’s Day

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Celebrities speak on Father’s Day Zexie Manatsa

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Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Lifestyle Writer
ONE of the greatest titles in the world is ‘‘parent’’ and one of the huge blessings in the world is to have parents to call mom and dad. Tomorrow the nation joins the rest of the world in celebrating Father’s Day.

The power of a father in a child’s life is unmatched.
Being a father is a tough, but incredibly fulfilling job and letting your dad know how important he is in your life makes his job even more rewarding.

The late American former professional baseball third baseman, Wade Boggs, once said, “Anyone can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad, and that is why I call you dad, because you are so special to me. You taught me the game and you taught me how to play it right”.

The statement can be perceived in different ways depending on how you view your facts.
But it is every father’s dream and desire to see his daughter or son prosper.
Some can decide to follow their father’s footsteps while others can take a different direction.
The bottom line is children should celebrate their fathers everyday not to wait for June 16.

Some fathers interviewed by Saturday Herald Lifestyle revealed that hearing for the first time that you are a father and holding the newly born baby is the best feeling one can have.

“I cried and thanked God that I am now a father. It was something I could not imagine. I used to adore others but now I am a dad. The world totally changed for me. I just held my baby girl and she cried. Her mother smiled at me and all I could say was; thank you and love you for making me a man amongst other men,” said Tendai Kabhuru (29) of Mabvuku.
Kabhuru was blessed with a baby girl a fortnight ago.

Although every child cherishes the role played by their fathers, little seem to be done in recognition of the Father’s Day celebration as witnessed by a few items on display in shops around the capital’s CBD compared to how it was on Mother’s Day’.
Less noise about the important day was made in different forums. What is it with us not celebrating dads?

Whether your father is as famous or they just show their support at big events, it is always sweet to see celebrity dads hanging out with their children on the red carpet and beyond.

Again, the great thing about Father’s Day in a digital world is that we can expect a full 24 hours of Instagram pictures and other social media posts featuring dads and their ‘‘little bundles of joy’’.

The Herald Lifestyle spoke to some of the celebrity dads to check on what they were expecting and what they were planning to do on this special day.

One lifestyle coach Alexandra Mguti from Greystone Park said it is now a thing of the past to decide about your children’s future but to provide the bridge and support their ideas.

Well, it is a 50/50 connotation. Award winning poet, writer and musician Albert Nyathi, who is a father of three children, said he was not expecting material things.

“This Father’s Day, as fathers we are all tired of all the treats, hampers, food and getaways, rather the greatest gift they can give us is to listen to us, take heed of what we say as we were once there and have done it.

“We do not want materialistic things since we are now concerned about the future of our children, considering the prevailing economic conditions.

“There is no single father who is not concerned about the future of his children. I know most children want limelight but they have to work for it,” he said.

Asked if he so wishes for his children to follow in his footsteps, Nyathi said they could choose their own career paths but with his guidance.

“My three children are in school at the same time doing what they like. The other one is a poet while the other is a footballer and the last is an actor.

“I urge children to look at careers which are long standing. With art you have to be super talented just like sport. They should also not neglect academics and now education is the key to a great future,” he said.

Theatre in the Park director, Daves Guzha, said all he wants on this day was to get a phone call from his children.
“My children are now old, Tendai is 29 years old while Tapiwa is 34. I just want them to call me, on the day that is all.

“You know they tend to forget about this special day and with technology children are always busy on their mobile phones,” he said.

Guzha said children should follow their hearts.
“Tapiwa is studying Sciences in South Africa while Tendai is more into dancing. If they are inspired by whatever you do as a father, they can follow it but should understand that there are a lot of obstacles along the way.

“What we have achieved in 15 years they can do so in lesser years. The world is becoming smaller so creativeness matters the most and they should find a base to do so,” he said.

It is a different case with legendary musician and song writer, Zexie Manatsa.
The “Chipo Chiroorwa” hit-maker and father of six boys — Green, Aaron, Tendai, Freedom, Shingirai and Zex (Jnr) — said the greatest gift he expect on Father’s Day was spending quality time with all his children.

“I love being in their company. Normally, my children come here with my grandchildren and we just have a family braaii.
“As a parent, I have been there to guide them and make sure they succeed in whatever career path they chose. I am very proud of all my children,” he said.

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