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Buy Zimbabwe held its inaugural Buy Zimbabwe Awards on December 11, 2013. The essence of the awards was to celebrate the remarkable and outstanding roles played by local companies in rejuvenating the economy, creating employment, generating wealth and steering national pride.
The ceremony was a fitting homage to those companies that braved the tumultuous economic period that the country underwent in previous years and have, in spite of the challenging economic environment, continued toiling to mend Zimbabwe’s industry.

It was a colourful event, officiated by Minister of Industry and Commerce Mike Bimha. Turnout was remarkably high, with critical players such as Government, industrial bodies and industry itself well represented.

The diversity of companies represented was a reflection of the general tenacity and commitment by industry to try to rebuild the economy. One could not help but feel that industry has come a tremendous way in the past years. Yes, it still faces its fair share of challenges that need serious and urgent attention, yet there are champions out there who are diligently working to support national

procurement and defend our national pride.
Surely, such champions need not go unheralded.

Evidently, the need for synergistic relations between industry, industrial bodies and Government for continued growth can never be overstated. These parties are encouraged to continue to use every platform available to find common ground and ways of steering the economy forward.

There is also need to tighten relationships with marketing associations, who play a pivotal role in promoting local brands. It is encouraging to note that companies are fast realising the importance of promoting buying local. The message that we, as Buy Zimbabwe, have been preaching that there is need to promote the production and consumption of quality local brands seems to be seriously taking root in industry.

The notion that all that is made in Zimbabwe is inferior, or that adhering to quality standards for local goods is fast falling by the wayside, thanks to the local companies who have been at the fore of consistently providing quality local products and playing an important role in economic development.

The high participation of companies in the Buy Zimbabwe Awards is a clear indication of how local industry is taking its role of turning around the economy seriously. By the adjudication team’s own admission, almost all award categories were tightly contested.

Buy Zimbabwe also recognised the contribution played by the Small to Medium Enterprises in economic growth by having a category for this critical sector. The winners in all categories have every right to be proud of their achievements, for emerging victors in such a tightly contested race is no mean feat. However, their winning should in no way encourage complacency. Zimbabwean industry still has a long way to go, and the race is not for the faint hearted, but for those who are wholly committed to the turnaround of the country’s fortunes.
And the winners of are . . .

1. Buy Zimbabwe Insignia Award, recognising Buy Zimbabwe partners for using the Buy Zimbabwe insignia on products and promotional materials
Winner:  National Foods Ltd
1st Runner-up:  Servcor
2nd Runner-up: Turnall Fibre

2. Buy Zimbabwe Partner of the Year: Manufacturing
Winner: Beta Holdings
1st Runner-up: Turnall Fibre
2nd Runner-up: BAT Zimbabwe

3. Buy Zimbabwe Manufacturing: Food Processing Award
Winner: National Foods Ltd
1st Runner-up: Schweppes Zim
2nd Runner-up: Lyons Zim

4. Buy Zimbabwe Retailer Award
Winner: OK Zimbabwe
1st Runner-up: N. Richards and Sons
2nd Runner-up: Food World

5. Buy Zimbabwe Great Comeback Award
Winner: Cairns Foods
1st Runner-up: United Refineries
2nd Runner-up: Datlabs

6. Buy Zimbabwe Telecoms Service Provider of the Year Award
Winner: Econet Wireless
1st Runner-up: Telecel Zim
2nd Runner-up: Africom

7. Buy Zimbabwe Banking and Financial Services Award
Winner: CBZ
1st Runner-up: Steward Bank
2nd Runner-up: FBC

8. Buy Zimbabwe Innovation Award
Winner: Africom
1st Runner-up: G-Tel
2nd Runner-up: Astro (Pvt) Ltd

9. Buy Zimbabwe Corporate Social Responsibility Award
Winner: Mimosa Mining
1st Runner-up: Econet Wireless
2nd Runner-up: Nyaradzo

10. Buy Zimbabwe Quality Award
Winner: Datlabs
1st Runner-up: ZFC
2nd Runner-up: Zent

11. Buy Zimbabwe Competitiveness Award
Winner: Irvine’s Zimbabwe
1st Runner-up: Dendairy
2nd Runner-up: Favco
12. Buy Zimbabwe Customer Service Award
Winner: Nyaradzo Group
1st Runner-up: Econet Wireless
2nd Runner-up: CBZ

13. Buy Zimbabwe Support Award
Winner: Capri
1st Runner-up: National Foods
2nd Runner-up: Quest Motor

14. Buy Zimbabwe Procurement Award
Winner: Zimplats

15. Buy Zimbabwe SME Award
Winner: Integrated Properties

16. Buy Zimbabwe Personality of the Year Award
Winner: Minister of Industry and Commerce, Hon. Mike Bimha
Our hearty congratulations to all winners in all categories.

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