Celebrating a great milestone with loved ones

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Celebrating a great milestone with loved ones

The Herald

Fadzayi Maposah Correspondent

I was happy to hear my cellphone ring. Serious people who want their issues addressed quickly call.

Many people have resorted to using social media to text. When one is off line and only then responds when back onIine, there are those who will ask what took you so long to respond to their messages.

There are those who are always online. I used to be always online, I just had no idea how to go offline when I started using WhatsApp application!

I was happy when my daughters taught me how to be online and how to be offline.

When the cellphone rang, it was an associate inviting me to dinner. I was quick to ask what the occasion was.

The response was that the family was celebrating something momentous that had happened. Being the curious individual that I am, I asked what the momentous occasion was.

I was told by the one who invited me that I would get to know more at the dinner. That was not enough to calm my curiosity. I threatened that I would not attend a dinner whose agenda I did not know about lest I got myself involved in shady deals.

The response that followed my threat was that as a family that I knew well I was supposed to be aware that it was not involved in shady deals.

I retorted that it was cold and getting arrested for being in the wrong company and then having to be in police custody was no easy feat in winter!

I just do not understand why people who claim to be close to me and have my best interests at heart, do not safeguard my mental well-being by being open and providing full details rather than leaving me in suspense!

Later, I was to receive a text from the lady who had called inviting me to the dinner. She said that I was to really dress up for the dinner and yet she was not divulging what the occasion was.

I was beginning to regret accepting the invitation, yet my curiosity was telling me that I had to be at the dinner.

On the day of the dinner, I made sure that I did not eat much during the day. Yes, I had a dinner to get to and as the Shona say, “ukama igasva hunozadziswa nekudya”, loosely translated, relations are cemented by eating.

I made a lot of effort dressing up for the dinner, I did not want to disappoint my hosts. I knew that there were teenagers at the house.

Teenagers are particular about presentation. I have heard of instances where adolescents ignored or ran away from people they thought would embarrass them because of what they wore! I have never had my daughters run away from me.

What I have had to endure is being told what to wear or what not to wear.

The tables have really turned! In the past when they were small I used to dress them the way that I wanted! Maybe it is payback time, who knows!

When the eldest girl at the house where I had been invited for dinner opened the door I was happy that I had made an effort in dressing up because she was well dressed!

Her younger sister came to the door, well dressed too. When I was led into the lounge, I almost fell. Their two young brothers and their father had bow ties on! My goodness had this dear family won the lottery and they wanted me to have a piece of the cake? I was curious….

The mother came from the kitchen, greeted me and said that dinner was ready.

The family had outdone themselves! The table was well adorned. I sat between the two boys, opposite the girls, while the parents sat opposite one another.

The youngest son said grace and then we began dishing. One had to be present to see what the family had prepared. In short I can just say that they had gone all out.

The conversation during dinner was relaxed. I asked about school, their friends. I asked the parents about work and the income-generating projects they were currently running.

They enquired about what I was doing to keep myself busy. At the back of my mind, I kept saying when am I going to hear why we are all dressed up and being spoiled like this.

It was not even a public holiday or anyone’s birthday.

After dessert was served, I was really getting curious, yet I did not have the guts to ask the adults in the room what was happening.

I was enjoying the meal, the company and the background music but, yes but I wanted to know why, for the why this dinner?

Suddenly it was like the father had walked into my mind, he cleared his throat, I looked up. I am sure my eyes said at last!

“Aunty Faa,” he began. I looked up at him to acknowledge that he had my full attention.

He continued: “Aunty Faa, we thought we should invite you”.

I could have interrupted to say ‘just get to it’ but as a polite guest I did not!

“Our oldest daughter has come of age,” the father said “The ‘it’ experience is now in this family. We wanted you to be part of this celebration.”

As the father shared the news, his daughter was looking up at him with great admiration.

I got up, went to the girl who had joined womanhood, gave her a pat on the shoulder then a big hug. This was a wonderful experience, although I did not get a share of a lottery win.

This “it” experience celebration left me with a warm feeling. I had never been invited to such celebrations, with the father leading.

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