CCC MPs ‘bribe’ Tshabangu to evade recalls

Blessings Chidakwa Herald Reporter

DESPERATE CCC legislators are allegedly offering bribes to the interim secretary-general of faction-torn party, Mr Sengezo Tshabangu, to evade being recalled from Parliament.

Among those fingered in the bribery storm is Ruwa constituency legislator Mr Thomas Muwodzeri, who is said to have offered US$10 000 to stay in Parliament.

In an interview, Mr Tshabangu confirmed that CCC legislators were trying to curry favour with him.

“They are coming to me and saying, look SG, please we complied and went back to Parliament as you had indicated before. Please don’t recall us,” he said.

Mr Muwodzeri said the US$10 000 bribery accusations were an internal fight as he had no capacity to pay such an amount.

“That thing is an internal thing. You cannot even blame the other party or whatever. It is an internal thing of people I was competing with who are making those allegations,” he said.

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