CAZ to hold film workshop

CAZ to hold film workshop Igi Matope
Igi Matope

Igi Matope

Lovemore Meya Arts Correspondent
Creative Arts Zimbabwe (CAZ) is convening a short film training workshop from January 21 to 23 at Pamberi Trust.

The organisers will hold a workshop themed: “Train the Trainer Workshop” to stoke creative fire within the industry and equip film- makers with skills to come up with good productions.

CAZ president Brian Kugara said organisers have invited reputed facilitators for the workshop.

“We have invited filming and advertising expert Melgin Tafirenyika, UZ film and theatre lecturer Gideon Wabvuta and community leader Sostian Moyo to facilitate,” said Kugara.

“This workshop is meant to bring together film and theatre enthusiasts who wish to learn the ropes. After the forum, we will have projects on skills development,” he said.

Kugara said there would be hands-on training after the workshop.

“We will engage participants in production. We will be bringing in facilitators to teach them technical skills towards the end of this month,” he said.

“Participants will also be trained in the technical side on theatre performance and leadership skills for them to be execute themselves professionally in the creative industry,” he said.

He added that training arts programmes are growing as the focus is no longer on theory but on practical application.

“We have realised that people are making films that lack substance since they do not have enough skills although they have creative content,” he said.

Kugara said this year they are going to hold two workshops in January and December.

“We are having two workshops this year. In December, it is going to be a camp where we will be uniting film makers and doing productions,” he said.

Last year, two CAZ participants Munashe Chitsiga and Igi Matope went on to win awards from the Zimbabwe International Film Festival.

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