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Catholics in Zim launch TV channel

Catholics in Zim launch TV channel

Sophia Chese Arts Correspondent
An online television channel “Catholics in Zimbabwe”, which is running under the name “Perch TV” has been launched. The TV channel was launched on January 1 on various social media platforms including YouTube and Facebook. In an interview the TV channel’s producer and director, Collen Magobeya, said the initiative is designed to keep the Catholic community informed on various issues that affect their church.

“Perch TV is a new virtual television channel for Catholics in Zimbabwe to enrich them on various issues that include weekly teachings of the church with respect to the call of each Catholic season of the year,” he said. He highlighted that the other initiative of the TV channel is to educate the Catholics on the importance of catechism.

“The other reason to start this virtual TV is that many people in the Catholic Church say goodbye to catechism after receiving the sacrament of confirmation, this might be ignorance or lack of motivation to continue getting enriched with the knowledge on the catholic faith,” he said. He added that there are a lot of materials that the Pope writes to educate the Catholics that they will be using on the TV channel.

“There are a lot of documents that include Apostolic Exhortation and Encyclicals that the Pope writes to the whole church but not many people are conversant with the contents of these documents and what the Pope relays to us.

“The Catholic Church has seasons that need to be known and celebrated by everyone, unfortunately many people are not really sure what all these seasons mean to the church,” he said. Magobeya also said that they have decided to start airing their TV channel on social media platforms and grow bigger later.

“We have decided to start small using social media as platforms to broadcast our programmes since social media is cheap and accessible to many and I am optimistic that we will have our own catholic TV channel that will air our programmes soon,” he said.

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