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2 years ago | May 25, 2017

Harare City Council finally comes to the party!

Victoria Ruzvidzo In Focus Harare City Council has finally come to its senses. It has crafted an investment policy with ...

2 years ago | March 22, 2017

Zisco: More than meets the eye

Victoria Ruzvidzo Business Focus I have often wondered as to what is it about the Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company that ...

2 years ago | March 15, 2017

Revised economic growth figure achievable

Victoria Ruzvidzo Business Focus In an unfamiliar fashion that could mark the beginning of a new season, the Government ...

2 years ago | March 8, 2017

Be bold for change

Victoria Ruzvidzo Business Focus Yesterday marked Women’s Day, a day globally set to pay homage to the female species. ...

3 years ago | February 2, 2017

Africa has all it takes to make it

Victoria Ruzvidzo Business Focus — Greetings from the place of the New Flower. I hope I find you well. Got to ...

3 years ago | December 8, 2016

Women’s economic empowerment a fallacy?

Victoria Ruzvidzo Focus — “Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality, ...

3 years ago | November 24, 2016

Ziscosteel revival imperative

Victoria Ruzvidzo Business Focus — Below I reproduce my arguments which hold true today as they did then: