Nathaniel Manheru

2 years ago | January 16, 2016

PF: They fear therefore we are!

The Other Side Nathaniel Manheru— Give it to our African heritage. You don’t go very far in search of a proverb appropriate to express strange happenings in your neighbourhood. Our ...

2 years ago | January 9, 2016

The Other Side – Zimbabwe: New Year, Old Thinking

Nathaniel Manheru— 2016 arrived nine days ago. Or so we allege. As before, and before, on New Year the sun still rose from the east, still set in the west. The clock — not time — ticked as ...

2 years ago | December 19, 2015

ZANU-PF: Defending the War Veteran

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE My inclination was to write on developments in South Africa, specifically on what must have been a traumatic week for President Zuma. I am still keen to ...

2 years ago | December 5, 2015

Zim: Between the Rhodesian peril and new politics

The Other Side Nathaniel Manheru As I write this piece, I am reminded of one Dennis Brutus and his “Gore’e”. “Gore’e” is a poem about an island off Senegal by that name, an island from where ...

2 years ago | November 28, 2015

Zimbabwe: Behold a recalcitrant reality!

The Other Side – Nathaniel Manheru As I write this piece, I am looking at a piece in the New York Times done by one Alexander Noyes. It is on Zimbabwean politics. The writer introduces ...

2 years ago | November 14, 2015

ZANU-PF: In the absence of the big idea

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE LET me work and play with an observation by a Marxist literary critic, Walter Benjamin, who noted: “All great works of literature found a genre or dissolve one”. ...

2 years ago | November 7, 2015

Police: Old wine in new bottle-skins

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE I SEEK reader indulgence in breaking a promise I made last week. I had committed this column to a follow-up article on the wider pointers beyond the media issues ...

2 years ago | October 31, 2015

Zimbabwe: Assassins without guns

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE I will part with tradition and dedicate this piece to Joram Nyathi, deputy editor of The Herald, for his inspirational “There is a method to the fine madness”, ...

2 years ago | October 24, 2015

China: Creating facts on British ground

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE What is it that makes Robert Mugabe rattle his enemies so unfailingly? Even when he does nothing at all?

3 years ago | October 17, 2015

Proppress: Behold an unnameable malformation!

Nathaniel Manheru THE OTHER SIDE Last week gave us a hilarious story of Honourable Chinotimba seeking some kind of restitution for his “long lost” cellphone. Many will remember that the missing ...