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UPDATED: President welcomed in Kigali

PRESIDENTIAL Spokesman Mr George Charamba has dismissed social media claims that President Mnangagwa has been ...

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Nathaniel Manheru

2 years ago | August 6, 2016

Zimbabwe: Country without a Nation?

The other side with Nathaniel Manheru— Phew what a humorous week I have had! I hope, dear reader, you have found the week just as mirthful. If not, here we go . . . First, the spectacle of ...

2 years ago | July 30, 2016

Graduates: Builder, Pole, Daga, Thatch

Nathaniel Manheru I am truly grateful to the many people who joined in the debate to my instalment last week which focused on graduates and employment. It is the most commented upon piece I have ...

2 years ago | July 23, 2016

Graduates: Where are the two million jobs?

The Other Side: Nathaniel Manheru Zvasekuru vangu VaTsvangirai vakomana? Kungozvitsvagira mabombodzi nemarehwarehwa padunhu! I don’t know what went behind the MDC-T scenes, leading to the ...

2 years ago | July 16, 2016

NATHANIEL MANHERU: Zimbabwe: The French connection

Well, like I indicated last week, the pilferage of the uumph of civil servants demonstrations by some externally glamorised fringe political upstarts last week was bound be exposed in the failed ...

2 years ago | July 9, 2016

Zimbabwe: WhatsApp or Whatsfear?

The Other Side: Nathaniel Manheru— One seemingly innocuous detail from history I always want to share with Zimbabweans relates to the relationship between a few whites in Bulawayo and King ...

2 years ago | July 2, 2016

Zimbabwe: Not in a thousand years!

The Other Side: Nathaniel Manheru Let’s start with a series of small, light-hearted but revealing anecdotes. Beitbridge. I am told there was quite some build-up of tension on both sides of the ...

2 years ago | June 25, 2016

Opposition: Tsvangi-exit moment?

Nathaniel Manheru The Other Side— Our media pundits are at it again, misleading us into thinking that local opposition organisations are about to find each other, hopefully to form what ...

2 years ago | June 11, 2016

NATHANIEL MANHERU: Bond Notes: Urge for timeless teenager-hood

“Quicquid agunt Homines nostri Farrago Libelli” — Juvenal, “Satires”  Repeatedly, I am receiving comments from readers who wish me away from certain topics and yet others who challenge me to ...

2 years ago | June 4, 2016

Grand Coalition: Cdes without a Code

Nathaniel Manheru The Other Side— No sooner have they come together than they had forgotten the code that brought them together. That is the story of our opposition, and their famed grand ...

2 years ago | May 28, 2016

The Other Side – Million Man March: So hard a fact, so harder to accept

Nathaniel Manheru BACK in the 1970s, marriage took the form of musical rivalry that pitted families of the bride and the groom. Each side composed songs that exalted the qualities of their side — ...