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Zim basks in regional anti-sanctions solidarity

AHEAD of the SADC Anti-Sanctions Day, President Mnangagwa has paid tribute to resilient Zimbabweans and the region ...

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1 month ago | September 24, 2020

More needs to be done to combat depression

DEPRESSION, sometimes a fatal condition that drives many people from all walks of life to end their own lives, continues ...

1 month ago | September 23, 2020

Muzenda urges churches to help support the disabled

The Herald, 9 June 1984 THE Deputy Prime Minister, Cde Simon Muzenda, has called on churches to join the Government in ...

1 month ago | September 22, 2020

Starving Hatfield backyard cattle raise council’s ire

FOR two years now, a resident of Hatfield has kept three cattle in her fenced backyard with virtually no grazing, it was ...

1 month ago | September 18, 2020

Town clerk calls for delegation of powers in local authorities

A PAPER dealing with the problems of administrative law in local government mainly in Southern Africa was tabled at the ...

1 month ago | September 17, 2020

Typewriter firms hard at work converting $ signs

THE dollar sign does not appear on many typewriters in Rhodesia and mechanics are at work converting machines.

1 month ago | September 16, 2020

Rail accident investigation exonerates authorities

A TECHNICAL investigation was held yesterday at Waterval Onder into the cause of the terrible railway disaster on ...

1 month ago | September 15, 2020

Looking Back: Water problems blamed on delays in dam construction

The CHAIRPERSON of the Harare environment management committee Clr Herbert Gomba has proposed the holding of a water ...

1 month ago | September 14, 2020

Institute in bid to restore professional values

THE Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators in Zimbabwe says it will take a lead in restoring basic moral, ...

2 months ago | September 8, 2020

Education system at crossroads — Chanakira

THE Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the quality and training of teachers because they are destined to ...

2 months ago | September 7, 2020

Sally Mugabe calls for control of lobola charges

LOBOLA should not be abolished, but the amount should be regulated, Mrs Sally Mugabe, wife of the Prime Minister told ...

2 months ago | September 3, 2020

Powerful role of the aunt among vhaVenda

AUNTS (Vhomakhadzi) rule the roost among many tribes, especially the vhaVenda people.

2 months ago | September 2, 2020

Ushewokunze calls for new emphasis in health delivery

The Herald, 5 September 1980 ZIMBABWE’S health services must make a drastic change of emphasis from urban hospitals to ...

2 months ago | September 1, 2020

Hands off Rhodesia, says black journalist

THE world should keep its “dirty hands” out of Southern Africa and let the white, black and coloured people of Rhodesia ...

2 months ago | August 31, 2020

Success depends on willingness to settle: Carrington

THE British Foreign Secretary, Lord Carrington, yesterday called on both warring parties involved in the ...

2 months ago | August 27, 2020

New UK park for Shona sculpture to increase sales

BRITAIN’S most prestigious school is to help boost sales of Shona art. A sculpture park is to be opened next month on a ...