6 months ago | August 6, 2022

@JAMWANDA2 ON SATURDAY – Zimbabwe: When real gold glitters

“Small places sometimes generate events of wide historical importance”, wrote Linda Colley. I would go so far as to add ...

6 months ago | July 30, 2022

@JAMWANDA2 ON SATURDAY – Zimbabwe: Beyond Corporate Patrimony

Fukuyama on political decay FRANCIS Fukuyama makes a pertinent point: political decay occurs when systems fail to adjust ...

7 months ago | July 16, 2022

Jamwanda2 on Saturday: Behold a new world is born

Jamwanda2 on Saturday Macaulay on Milton I am reading an old book on Prose of the Victorian Period, edited by William E. ...

7 months ago | June 25, 2022

@JAMWANDA2 ON SATURDAY: Of clerics and the secular question

God’s emissaries I have nothing against clerics or pastors; in fact my reverence for them is a euphemism for the abject ...

9 months ago | May 14, 2022

@Jamwanda2 On Saturday: Banks: If gold rusts, what will iron do?

@Jamwanda2 on Saturday Native Commissioner Oates, I presume! LORD Jonathan Oates’ ambition is becoming a latter-day ...

9 months ago | April 30, 2022

@JAMWANDA2 on SATURDAY: Chamisa: When the snake bites the charmer

Very slowly but definitely quite surely, the world is drifting towards a scary nuclear abyss. 

10 months ago | April 9, 2022

@ Jamwanda2 on Saturday: Eastern Europe: Whose war is it anyway?

They can’t make fire from faggots AS I write, for the short month of conflict in Eastern Europe, global food prices have ...

10 months ago | April 2, 2022

Triple C: New yet Old; Aged yet Unripe

TO stir my intellect, I have been reading Walter Benjamin’s illuminations on Franz Kafka. Walter Benjamin was a German ...

10 months ago | March 26, 2022

By-elections: The morning after

ZANU-PF’s Wednesday St Mary’s rally was a turning point in several ways. Of course, the most obvious marker were the ...