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Carving out a living in an era of hope

28 Jun, 2018 - 00:06 0 Views
Carving out a living in an era of hope Fight Wazara in his work shop

The Herald

Rumbidzai Ngwenya Features Writer
“I am doing well as an entrepreneur and do not dream of working for anyone. I hope that the Government in the ‘Zimbabwe is open for business’ era will help capable people like me to boost our businesses, grow our companies and create more employment.

“There are no jobs out there for now, but I urge Zimbabweans to take heed of President Mnangagwa’s call and start businesses, no matter how small, for one day it will pay off.”

These are the sentiments of a young Harare entrepreneur, Fight Wazara (35), of Glen View. Wazara owns a successful carpentry business at Glen View 8 Complex, where he employs four people.

He says when finding a job became difficult in the early 2000s, he immediately started his small business.
“I have never worked for anyone in my life. Soon after finishing school, I looked at the economic situation in the country and went straight into carpentry. I have not only created employment for myself, but others,” he said.

He has been in the upholstery business since 2000, specialising in sofas and couches, and has perfected his art through experience.

Although he started small, he is now one of the most successful carpenters at Glen View 8 Complex. His unique products are made from natural fibres, synthetics and leather trimmings.

Wazara has a strong base of customers and delivers as far as Beitbridge and Victoria Falls to both individuals and retail shops.

With each set of sofas going for at least $1 200, he is earning more than enough to live a decent life.
His four employees have helped him grow his business steadily. The young entrepreneur embraces the use of social media, particularly Facebook and WhatsApp, to market his sofas, and it has paid off.

He says; “After purchasing one set from me, one is always guaranteed to bring back more customers; that is how good I am.”
To ensure his business thrives, even with the current cash shortages, Wazara has embraced the use of plastic money. He accepts EcoCash and bank transfers, which attracts more customers. All he wants is to see his business grow and Zimbabwe prosper.

Indeed, during tough times, some fall never to rise, but others like Wazara stumble, dust themselves and move forward, never to look back. What he has achieved proves how he remained standing even in the face of ‘raging storms’.

He simply grabbed the opportunity and made the best out of it. He wants to make the most out of opportunities being made available by President Mnangagwa.

With such talent on display, Zimbabwe is probably looking at ‘Wazara Holdings’ sooner rather later.

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