Cartel killing showbiz industry: Juru

20 Oct, 2021 - 00:10 0 Views
Cartel killing showbiz industry: Juru Bishop Ollah Juru

The Herald

Tafadzwa Zimoyo Senior Arts Reporter

South Africa-based musician and preacher, Bishop Ollah Juru, says a cartel has taken full control of the showbiz scene.

The affable businessman, who claims to be doing music for prestige, said he was no longer expecting monetary returns, but to fulfil his passion.

Speaking to The Herald Arts from his base in South Africa, Juru suspects money is exchanging hands where some artistes are getting favours at the expense of others.

“I have been in the game since 2000, but I can tell you that all along I have been pumping out money with no returns,

“I reached a point where I said to myself I will not expect monetary returns, but just to fulfil my wish.

“When it comes to airplay, there are so many good artistes whose music is not reaching out to the people.”

The Chivhu-bred singer, who is set to launch his 12th album titled “Sefa Mashoko” on Radio Zimbabwe on Sunday, said it was time genuine music promoters saved the industry.

“I have noted that most local promoters tend to prioritise artistes who carry the man or woman of the moment tag,” he said. “They tend to forget that there is a whole lot of artistes who also need this exposure.

“It’s unfortunate that we can’t tell promoters what to do with their money, but we need genuine promoters who can scout for talent in every corner of Zimbabwe and change someone’s life.”

Juru, who was in the country to record his latest album, said the project was a must listen.

“I have done my best on this album and I just promise my fans a new sound altogether. It carries well-knit songs comprising ‘Shavi Rehurombe’, ‘Nzou Nembwa’, ‘Kufa Kuriko’, ‘Baba’, ‘Mujombonono’ and the title track ‘Sefa Mashoko’.

“I engaged Trutone Studio under Jabulani Ndlovu and I am proud of the team that I worked with on this album. It’s a must listen to those who enjoy quality music.”

The “Rabaoma” singer said he believes in collaborations with other artistes.

“When it comes to collaborations, I am one of the first sungura artistes to collaborate with the late Soul Jah Love. I have even helped other artistes like Mark Ngwazi and went on to work with music giants like Alick Macheso and Leonard Zhakata, among others.

“However, I did not feature anyone on this album called ‘Sefa Mashoko’ that I hope will do well.”

Besides “Sefa Mashoko”, Juru boasts of other albums like “Rabaoma”, “Ivai Vatendi”, “Chivandire”, “Diaspora”, “Nevanji” and “Hapana Mutsvene”.

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