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CAPS bail out players

05 Jun, 2020 - 00:06 0 Views
CAPS bail out players GREEN FAMILY . . . CAPS United officials load some of the 50kg maize meal packets into their team bus in Harare yesterday before they were taken to different areas in the capital where they were distributed, among other goodies, to the club’s players

The Herald

Tadious Manyepo

Sports Reporter

CAPS United yesterday distributed goodies, including 50kg bags of maize meal, to their players and officials as the club continue to cushion staff during this lockdown.

The 2020 Premiership season is on hold after the coronavirus outbreak forced delays to the start of the new campaign.

The national lockdown brought with it numerous problems, with some clubs now slashing salaries to their players by half.

The Green Machine are one of the clubs who have been hit hardest following the withdrawal of their principal sponsors, NetOne.

The mobile telecommunications giant, which was bankrolling Makepekepe, Highlanders, Chapungu and Black Rhinos, said they were doing away with sport sponsorship to fully focus on other sectors, including fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Makepekepe have decided against reducing their players’ salaries and, instead, the club’s chiefs are scrambling funds to try and keep their staff motivated during this difficult period.

Although club vice-president, Nhamo Tutisani, was not available for comment yesterday, he recently told The Herald they will always try to make sure their employees were kept motivated.

“Firstly, I would like to reiterate that we will thrive to make sure that players get their full salaries in time every month,” he said.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a new set of challenges on how top-flight teams are being run.

“The challenges haven’t spared us either.

“But, as a club, we will always try our best to keep our players and staff happy.

“The lockdown is challenging, especially in terms of mindset, so we have to see to it that the staff get what they need in times like these.

“Remember if the season was underway, they were supposed to be getting allowances, ranging from winning bonuses to travel.’’

A senior player, who declined to be named, said this was a good move by their officials.

“I am really grateful for this gesture. Our team has always tried their best to keep us motivated. We are very happy.’’

The goodies were dropped off in Chitungwiza and other high density areas where the players stay.

Each player and official was given a 50kg bag of maize meal and other goodies.  Makepekepe were also beneficiaries of the Mahwindo Foundation which donated groceries to players last month.

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