CAPS back Twine Phiri

CAPS back Twine Phiri Twine Phiri
Twine Phiri

Twine Phiri

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CAPS UNITED have once again thrown their full weight behind Twine Phiri and insist that he remains their representative on the Premier Soccer League Board of Governors and said his position there can only be affected if they recall him.

Phiri was thrown into the eye of another storm at the weekend when ZIFA announced that he had ceased to be the Premier Soccer League chairman and had been replaced, in the interim, by Highlanders’ boss Peter Dube.

ZIFA president Philip Chiyangwa said Phiri lost his position as the PSL leader after the ZIFA board, where he sat by virtue of his leadership of the top-flight league, had their mandate revoked by Councillors last year.

The national football controlling body has ordered that fresh elections for the PSL president be held.

Chiyangwa said it was not proper, too, for Phiri to continue holding on to the PSL chairmanship when he was no longer chairman or president of CAPS United.

The PSL constitution says only the chairman or president of a club can sit on the league’s Board of Governors.

However, CAPS United insisted yesterday that Phiri remained their representative on the PSL Board of Governors because he was chairman of their executive committee.

CAPS United Board chairman Lewis Uriri addressed the issue in a letter sent to PSL chief executive Kenny Ndebele yesterday.

“I refer to my letter of 8 December 2015, thereto, and due to a recent development, I advise as follows:

1) — CAPS United Football Club is wholly owned by CAPS United Football Club (Pvt) Ltd. CAPS United Football Club (Pvt) Ltd is a company incorporated with the laws of Zimbabwe. The company is running on the basis of its Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as the Company Act and Regulations thereunder.

2) — The shareholders of the Company are Farai Jere (60 percent), Twine Ibrahim Phiri (20 percent) and Nhamo Tutisani (20 percent). We have, for administrative purposes, styled the shareholders collectively as the presidium.

Farai Jere is, with effect from May 2015, the president, Twine Phiri is the Vice-President from the same date. The presidium is non-executive.

3) — The presidium, being the shareholders, appointed directors in terms of the Articles of Association. The directors formulate the policies of the club and give directions to the executive.

I am presently the chairman of the Board and, as such, the chairman of CAPS United Football Club.

4) — The executive, which is headed by the chief executive officer, is under the leadership of the management committee (the executive committee). Twine Phiri is, by resolution of the Board of Directors, the chairman of the executive committee and reports to the Board, a position he has held without interruption.

5) — Twine Phiri remains the CAPS United Football Club representative on the Board of Governors. Our Board of Directors has not made any resolution contrary to our last communicated position.

In the event of any changes, your office will be notified in writing.

6) — We reiterate that there is presently no intention of recalling Mr Twine Phiri from his position as or Governor on the PSL Board of Directors,” wrote Uriri.

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