Candy floss democracy is not what Africa and the progressive world want One expects the treatment Trump is getting from an ancient tribe and not a modern world democracy that the US expects us to believe it is. It is gothic politics. Candy floss. Candy floss. Candy floss. Bottled air!

Isdore Guvamombe

Candy floss is a spectacular time-pusher at especially, carnivals. From afar, a candy floss looks huge, nice, fashionable and appetising but unbeknown to many, it is 90 percent air. 

This is exactly what US democracy is.

From afar, the US packages its version of democracy as the Alfa and Omega of the world, but when you look closely it is simple candy floss.

Only about 10 percent of it works for other countries, 90 percent is air.

Nothing more than the way the US presents it, that version of democracy is air.

Very, very, very deceptive and selfish money spinning venture.

The progressive world has fast discovered that the model of democracy the US has packed and presented is simple candy floss.

It is 90 percent air: very deceiving, good looking but nothing when you really look at it, especially in election times.

The Pre-2024 US election period has been more dramatic than any other recent US elections; it has been more of a back trip into the abyss of barbarism, as Washington pursues very destructive foreign policy and the Joe Biden administration slumps too low to close out rival, Donald Trump.

One expects the treatment Trump is getting from an ancient tribe and not a modern world democracy that the US expects us to believe it is. It is gothic politics. Candy floss. Candy floss. Candy floss. Bottled air!

The pre-2024 election period, starting last year (2023) has exposed US as undemocratic and as a country of many contradictions in state-craft. Savage politics has been at play.

Very silly things have happened there in order to contain political rivals.

A lot of state resources, structures, infrastructure, money and human capital have been abused by the Biden administration all to thwart a Trump win.

At the end we have seen that the democracy the US preaches to the world is not what it practises.

It is clear that, that type of democracy does not work and this is precisely the reason why the Biden administration has reached a very high level of political persecution of Trump.

The US used to preach a lot about political freedom, freedom of speech and association but it has failed dismally.

The 2024 election in US has made us see the other side of a country, long touted as a democracy.

The dirty tactics the Biden administration is using to remain afloat and have Biden himself win a second term, are the same things the US is quick to red-flag many African countries towards their elections.

Has this become a case of a black pot, calling another black.

In Africa the US has created political scams such as Nelson Chamisa, the Democratic Alliance in South Africa and Hikainde Hachilema in Zambia, all to destabilise long-standing liberation political movements that still value African virtues, norms and beliefs.

This is a political scum, packaged, wrapped and sold to the world as democracy.

This is a shame.

What democracy is it when Washington imposes unilateral sanctions by-passing the United Nations.

This happened to many countries in Latin America, Zimbabwe, and Harare’s friend Cuba, Iran, Russia, China, among others. 

It is very clear that the US openly avoids international law and uses its own global “rules-based-order”, which does not consider, the feelings, the state, the sovereignty and rights of other countries.

If anything, the US is seeking subtle recolonisation of Africa and the developing world, using high flying work such as democracy, good governance and accountability, tenets which it does not uphold. 

Talk of political repression, the US is number one, given the way it is treating Trump. 

Talk of corruption, the US is high up there given the way Biden, his son Hunter, his brother James and his sister-in-law Sara and many other associates and family members are involved in not so clean deals.

Deals in Ukraine stick out in a stinking manner.

Talk disrespect of other nations and political interference, the US is number one, funding wars with billions of dollars and opposition parties, all for regime change, in the name of democracy.

Talk of breaching international protocol, the US uses Mafi-style operations to circumvent UN protocol and impose sanctions on countries it disagrees with.

The US has done that on Zimbabwe, Russia, China, Cuba, Iran and many other countries. 

Talk of rough cut politics, the recent remarks by Joe Biden on Russian President Vladimir Putin, portrays Biden as a foul-mouthed politician, with a dearth of diplomatic etiquettes.

That is never expected of a President.

Talk of dictatorship, the US has tried to dictate to the world to accept same sex-marriages, without considering the cultural implications of that act in other countries.

Talk of lack of accountability, the Biden administration has failed to invest taxpayers’ money in improving the baby boomers and middle class, instead investing in pumping billions dollars to support his puppet Zelenskyy in Ukraine.

The US is so fixated with the same sex marriages and LGBTQ, that it has imposed sanctions on countries that refuse to accept this practice.

The US does not understand that many countries in the world have more serious issues and problems to deal with than concentrate of what adults do in their bedrooms.

Many countries in the world would rather invest in more pressing national issues than LGBTQ.

There is hunger in many countries.

There is need for infrastructure in many countries.

There is need to improve on the education system in many countries. 

Service delivery, health care and disease control take centre stage than LGBTQ. 

So, the US would do itself favour by understand that it is better to invest in these teething issues than in LGBTQ.

Therefore, the US version of democracy that of trying to force all countries in the world to follow what it wants, is in actual fact, democracy.

Democracy is not pushing everyone to do what you want, in this case what the US wants.

China has its own version of democracy. Zimbabwe has its own version of democracy. Russia has its own version of democracy. Iran has its own version of democracy.

In fact, each country in the world is entitled to its own version of democracy.

This US thuggery, deception, theft of other countries’ natural resources, regime change, chicanery, same-sex marriages, do not surely fit into international laws governing each country as a state, freedom and independence of these states.

Therefore, the US version of democracy is a fallacy that should be thrown into the bin and is not fit to forced on other countries.

Let each country choose its path and define its own democracy.

Let each country define its cultural path and its marriage system.

The US should not see itself as the Alfa and Omega of the world. Each country has a right to decide its own destiny.

Africa is not US. US is not Russia. US is not China.

US is not Iram.

Each country has its own matrix all nations should not be submissive to the US.

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