Cancer patients welcome free blood

09 Aug, 2018 - 00:08 0 Views

The Herald

Fortunate Gora Mash West Correspondent
CANCER patients have applauded Government for free blood transfusion services at referral hospitals across Zimbabwe.

Government instructed all referral hospitals to give blood for free to all patients starting July 1.

The directive has raised hope among cancer patients.

In an interview, Mrs Shamiso Nharada of Ruvimbo Phase 1 in Chinhoyi who has breast cancer said the move was a great relief to her as her condition was becoming anaemic.

Anaemia — the shortage of blood — is believed to be one of the deadly side effects of chemotherapy.

“I would like to applaud Government moves to offer blood for free.

“The cost of blood was about $250 per pint before the Government slashed it to $50 late last year and it is now free,” she said.

Chemotherapy can sometimes damage the bone marrow, which produce blood cells making.

However, the cells can recover with time although there are cases where blood transfusion becomes necessary.

In an interview recently, Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital chairperson Mrs Matilda Jairosi said while the institution was experiencing low blood stocks they had heeded Government’s call to provide blood for free to all in                                                                                                                                             need.

“When schools are open we usually don’t face challenges on our blood stocks because school children are the main blood donors,” she said.

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