Campus Reflections: Cries of a sexually  abused student

Latwell Nyangu

Youth Interactive Writer

Many students are bleeding from inside. Many of them have wounds.

And the irony of it is you won’t see their tears.

Imagine going for an exam with a bleeding soul;walking into the college campus with wounds.

Sexual abuse has become a serious problem that leaves a dent in the student’s life.

I have written something to spare a thought for abused students in which I highlighted many forms of abuse. But this week I have put my focus on the cries of a sexually abused female student.

This week, I come with a heavy heart, following my observation on how fathers are abusing their female children. 

Despite this month being part of the Fathers’ Day celebrations, I want to take a peep in some fathers’ fields. I have no kind words for such evil fathers who have ruined the lives of their college-going daughters.

Yes, we live in a cruel world, but it must be worse to live with a cruel father.

Fathers are meant to protect their children not to destroy their own children. What spirit has gotten into some fathers that think sleeping with their own daughters is an achievement?

Happy Father’s Day to all the responsible fathers and may the abusive fathers find no peace.

For the past months, I have noted an increase in female students who are being abused by their own parents.

 Most such cases have spilled into the courts of law where the perpetrators have been thrown behind bars for an effective 20 years effective. I feel sorry for the students who have been sexually abused, of course, I will not deny the fact that male students are also being abused.

I spare a thought for them as well.

But this week what touched my heart is some fathers who find no shame in abusing their teenage daughters.

There are psychological consequences that can manifest as educational difficulties, low self-esteem, depression, and trouble forming and maintaining relationships.

The destruction of children by their own fathers is a heart-wrenching reality that seems to becoming fashionable. Abuse is too real and so societally prevalent that some students end up failing to finish their studies. Victims are significantly impacted academically, socially, and behaviourally. And the stories of abused students hit hard.

A few days ago, an HIV positive father was jailed 20 years for raping his 18-year-old college-going daughter. Fortunately she is HIV negative since she reported within 72 hours and was able to get medication.

Another man from Epworth was jailed for 20 years for committing the same heinous crime.

The father demanded to sleep with his daughter and she was surprised at why her own father would do that to her.

Many thanks to the courts for sending such villains to jail, but the trauma the student will remain with is permanent.

Many female students are suffering at the mercy of their fathers.

The consequences of having a selfish father can be severe and long-lasting for the children involved.

Many times, I have seen some students who fail to pay attention at college, some end up being wild and you often wonder what could have caused that.

Some turn into monsters that they may fail to respect anyone and lose focus with their education.

Such students will have nothing to worry about but only to compensate for the sins their fathers have done to them.

In the long run, sexually abused children will struggle with issues related to self-esteem, emotional regulation, trust in relationships, boundaries, and overall mental health.

The trauma inflicted by an abusive father can impact various aspects of a child’s life well into adulthood, affecting their ability to form healthy relationships, pursue personal goals, and maintain a positive sense of self-worth. 

When fathers rape their daughters, it is an abhorrent and deeply disturbing form of sexual abuse that can have severe and long-lasting consequences on the victims.

Father-daughter rape is a particularly egregious form of incest that often occurs within dysfunctional family dynamics.

The power dynamics at play in such situations can make it extremely difficult for victims to come forward or be believed.

Most of these cases come out at a stage where maybe the father has died or the daughter confides in  someone since there will be much intimidation. In cases where daughters are sexually abused by their fathers, there is often a significant level of emotional manipulation, coercion, and fear involved, which can prevent the victim from disclosing the abuse or seeking help.

The complexities surrounding cases of father-daughter rape underscore the importance of thorough investigation, sensitivity to the victim’s experiences, and a comprehensive understanding of the psychological trauma that accompanies such abuse.

Ultimately, addressing father-daughter rape requires a multifaceted approach that involves legal scrutiny, psychological support for victims, awareness campaigns to break the silence surrounding incestuous abuse within families, and ongoing efforts to prevent and respond effectively to such heinous crimes.

Sexually abused and neglected children are at a higher risk for lower academic achievement compared to their peers. This is true for children who have experienced physical, sexual, or emotional abuse, as well as neglect.

First, mistreated children often exhibit poor social skills and behaviour problems.

At times, you see that the character of a student is as a result of abuse.

They may struggle with attention and focus in the classroom, leading to below-average grades and academic difficulties.Additionally, they may require remedial classes or repeat grades.

Sexually abused children show cognitive ability scores below average and academic achievement that is significantly lower than their peers.

Fellow Africans, child abuse significantly impacts academic achievement through various mechanisms such as poor social skills, behaviour-related problems, lifelong negative consequences, instability caused by frequent school changes, and lack of communication between schools and child welfare agencies.

I pray for peace and comfort for the victims of sexual abuse.

Until we meet for a toast,

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