Calvary: Shumba’s latest release

Calvary: Shumba’s latest release Blessing Shumba’s album cover
Blessing Shumba’s album cover

Blessing Shumba’s album cover

Tawanda Marwizi : Arts Correspondent

Mutare-based gospel musician Blessing Shumba last week unveiled his fifth album, “Calvary”, in his home town.Calvary, also known as Golgotha, was, according to the Gospel, the site immediately outside Jerusalem’s walls where Jesus was crucified. According to the musician, the 12-track album was recorded in a bid to change people’s lives through prayer as well as enhancing their understanding of the Word of God.In the opening track, “Kuparidza Jesu” the musician urges pastors to do the work of God without breaching what the Bible says.

“Mukova Wakazaruka” is a track that reminds people that when Jesus gives a nod for things to happen, human beings have no power to stop it.

His wife, Pauline, gets included in the song “ZvaMwari.”

The song encourages believers to pay their tithes as said in the Holy Book.

The musician sings along with his wife who has a distinctive voice.

Interestingly, the musician has added an English song, “Step by Step”, where he pleads with God to be the light of whatever he wishes to do.

The song was a favourite among the people who attended the launch.

Worship songs dominate the album through songs like “Matatenda”, “Zvikomborero” and “Anoziva Chakanaka.”

“Matatenda”, a song that has distinctive keyboard rhythms, encourages people to give while in “Zvikomborero” he pleads with people to follow what the Bible says so they get blessings.

Other songs on the album “Move Mountains”, “Eli Hossana” and “RaJesu Idzvene” also prove the musician’s mettle.

Shumba reminds people that God is in charge of their lives.

The musician said he was optimistic that the album would have a positive impact on people’s lives.

“God loves us and as a family we have taken the task to preach His Word through music. We have done our part and it is now for the people to accept the album,” he said.

Shumba believes the way gospel music is getting recognition shows that people are willing to hear the word of God.

“Discipline and being principled are key values that have taken us to where we are today as we launch our fifth album.

“I would like to thank all the hands that were involved in the production of this album and those who contributed to the success of this launch,” Shumba said.

The Buhera-bred singer has changed the face of local gospel music scene with his distinct sound that many upcoming musicians have been trying to imitate. He attributed his success in the competitive genre to his ability to compose songs with messages, which he said can transform people’s lives, while standing the test of time.

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