Call to discipline bad apples Dr Joice Mujuru

Fidelis Munyoro Herald Reporter
Analysts yesterday said Zanu-PF must quickly implement resolutions of the just-ended 6th National People’s Congress, particularly the one that deals with taking action against members implicated in fanning factionalism and the plot to depose or assassinate President Mugabe.

They said Article 13 of the resolutions opened way for Vice President Joice Mujuru and her cabal to face the music for their wayward behaviour.

The resolution “calls upon the party to unreservedly enforce disciplinary measures without fear of favour against members implicated in fanning factionalism and divisions in the party.”

This comes at a time VP Mujuru and her allies including former party secretary for administration Didymus Mutasa, former secretary for transport and welfare Nicholas Goche, former party commissar Webster Shamu, eight former provincial chairpersons and scores of other party officials who were given votes of no confidence, are accused of seeking President Mugabe’s ouster.

They also stand accused of discussing assassination as an alternative.

Prominent Harare lawyer Mr Terence Hussein said Zanu-PF has done well to come up with resolutions to deal with “bad apples in the basket”.

“It makes it easier to deal with issues of corruption and other offences that undermine the party,” he said.

The resolution, Mr Hussein said, was important as it warned members of the party of what to expect should they engage in nefarious activities.

“It is now up to the party to trigger the disciplinary process and to act in terms of that clause,” he said.

Political analyst Dr Charity Manyeruke said the resolution paved way for disciplinary hearings against VP Mujuru and her cabal.

“That clause clearly laid down the category of offences for which members can be charged like disloyalty or treachery,” she said.

“Charges can now be laid against any member who contravenes the integrity of the offices they hold in the party.

“There is no doubt that if your conduct shows that you undermine the party, you are disloyal and treacherous you should be charged accordingly.”

Another legal expert, Mr Tendai Toto said Zanu-PF needed to follow what the constitution dictates to the extent that investigations “must be opened and conducted against the culprits.”

“Where there is credible evidence of any member of the party guilty of contravening the constitution disciplinary action, despite their standing in the party, must be taken in terms of the constitution.

“Sanctions, thereof, will ordinarily be in terms of the constitution, that is expulsions, suspensions, warning or reprimand.”

An analyst who did not want to be named said Zanu-PF should use legal instruments available at its disposal to deal decisively with malcontents in the party.

He said there was overwhelming evidence of mutilation of the Zanu-PF constitution which calls for action to preserve the integrity of the party and its enduring legacy.

“The allegations do not have to be proven beyond reasonable doubt, but to be proved on a balance of probabilities, which is a much easier threshold to satisfy,” said the lawyer.

Other top party officials likely to face the disciplinary measures are Cdes Francis Nhema, Olivia Muchena, Dzikamai Mavhaire, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, Flora Buka and Tendai Savanhu to mention just a few.

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