Call for devolution timelines Minister Chadzamira

Walter Mswazie Masvingo Correspondent
Stakeholders here have called on the Government to introduce timelines on devolution so as to evaluate progress of the ambitious programme meant to decentralise the utilisation of national resources.

Consumer Council of Zimbabwe (CCZ) provincial chairman Mr Prosper Muzambi said the province should have targets under devolution for easy evaluation of progress.

He said the provincial development committee should reflect on work done and the gaps at every meeting convened.

“I think it is high time we start to attach timeframes to all the projects that the province is doing under the devolution mantra,” said Mr Muzambi.

He said there was a great potential in the province, as it was awash with economic drivers which could turn it into a greenbelt, but it was prudent to put checks and balances in place for all activities.

“Masvingo is home to at least 60 percent of the water found in the country, hence its potential for a massive irrigation project that can turn it into a greenbelt. We have the 1,8 billion cubic metre Tugwi-Mukosi in Chivi and Masvingo district, Manyuchi Dam in Mwenezi and the 1,4 cubic metre Lake Mutirikwi in Masvingo.

“All this water can give us a better fortunes if utilised well. However, that can only be achieved if we put development indicators on our initiatives with a bias to devolution,” said Mr Muzambi.

Agricultural expert Professor Munashe Shoko said a masterplan for Tugwi-Mukosi Dam was going to see the coming to fruition of a number of ambitious projects in the                                   province.

“A massive agricultural revolution is in the making in Masvingo if we managed to fullly utilise water from our major water bodies. However, this depends on the completion of a masterplan which universities have been asked to draft and present to Government. It is only when the masterplan is done that we can have timelines on what should be done and when,” said Prof Shoko.

Masvingo Minister of State for Provincial Affairs Ezra Chadzamira said the devolution programme was on course with the province already working on a number of development projects which stood to attract much needed foreign direct investment

“Government has commissioned the Gutu-Kurai Road upgrade project while other roads are at different stages of completion. All these projects are part of devolution as they will help the province attain at least $8,5 billion Gross Domestic Product by 2030.

“By year-end we would have covered a lot of ground and those time- lines should be achieved at all cost as we want to measure how best we can propel devolution in our province. We are on track and no more going back,” said Minister Chadzamira

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